3. True Love

True Love? (#3)

by Emmy Z. Madrigal

Kindle Version – Coming soon!

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Victoria has an awesome boyfriend, great friends and her singing career on its way. Are the nightmares she’s been having a warning, or are they just a symptom of her subconscious second-guessing the happiness she is feeling for the first time in her life? Rob gives her even more good news as he whisks her off on a weekend trip planned completely in her honor. Unbeknownst to him, someone from her past has another agenda designed to ruin her for good. Will Rob be able to save her from the devious plans of a horrific mastermind?

Boy band star Derek Montgomery is falling for Cynthia Porter in a big way, but she’s not sure she wants anything to do with him. Competing with the memories of Derek’s ex and tabloid rumors, Cynthia would rather let go of him than deal with all the drama. Can Derek prove to her that he’s serious and that she’s not just the rebound girl?  Find out in True Love.

Music provided by Brad Wait.
Theme / Rob’s song: “Rain”
Lyrics and Music by: Brad Wait
© 2010 by Brad Wait
Published by Brad Wait Music (ASCAP).

Derek’s song: “I Will Follow Her”
Lyrics by: Brad Wait and Emerian Rich
Music by: Brad Wait
© 2010 by Brad Wait and Emerian Rich
Published by Brad Wait Music (ASCAP).

All songs © 2010 by Brad Wait.

Chapter 1:

At a party at Cynthia’s house, Victoria and Raul argue, leaving Victoria in tears.

Chapter 2:

Derek picks up Cynthia, but Rob isn’t with him. Victoria and Raul makeup, but when Rob comes to get Victoria later that day, Raul doesn’t like it.

Chapter 3:

Rob and Victoria’s reunion is sweeter because of a surprise Rob has in store for her. Can he convince Victoria’s mother that he has her best interests in mind?

Chapter 4:

As the couples travel to an undisclosed location, Victoria tries to guess what Rob has planned for the weekend.

Chapter 5:

Arriving at their destination, Rob and Victoria lose no time to reconnect while Cynthia and Derek take it slow.

Chapter 6:

Meeting Rob’s prep school buddies isn’t as fun as Victoria thought it would be as she realizes she knows one of them intimately.

Chapter 7:

Cynthia and Derek spend a day of fun in Los Angeles. Victoria’s perfect weekend turns into a nightmare as she tries to survive the threat of a mad man.

Chapter 8:

While Victoria fights for her freedom, Cynthia and Derek try to figure out what they mean to each other.

Chapter 9:

Free from the yacht, Victoria dreams of freedom as she finds a way to be alone. Cynthia gets worried when Victoria doesn’t rendezvous with her at the specified location.

Chapter 10:

While Rob and Cynthia search for Victoria, Victoria’s encounter with Steve at the amusement park does not end well.

Chapter 11:

As Derek leaves Cynthia for his trip back to the tour, he promises to prove his love to her. Rob watches over a wounded Victoria.

Chapter 12:

Arriving home, Victoria has to confront her mother about her injury. Rob struggles to come to grips about letting Victoria down.

5 Comments to “3. True Love”

  1. Someone asked me what Victoria’s CD layout will be like? I do have a song list. We will be exploring that once she starts recording in the studio.
    But for sure she will be singing:
    Rain – by Brad Wait
    I Can’t Give You Anything But Love
    Dream a Little Dream (Sweet Dreams)

    Are there jazz songs you’d like to hear on it? Suggest away.

  2. Vote for Rob Malloy as the “Best Book Boyfriend”. Thanks Sumiko for the nomination. Now Sweet Dreams fans can make Rob the winner! Vote for Rob now by clicking this link and click VOTE! http://indiereconlive.com/?contestants=rob-malloy-from-star-struck

  3. Brand new Sweet Dreams spinoff “First Love” first 3 episodes free on Kindle Vella!

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