SD5 One More Try, Chapter 1

One More Try cover model Heidi Kaden

The long awaited sequel to Undecided is now starting! Listen to Chapter 1 below!

One More Try (#5)

by Emmy Z. Madrigal

Victoria Knox is ecstatic as she performs her first solo gig for a party at the nation’s most famous Fashion Designer’s estate. Her biggest worry is that she’ll screw it up somehow.

Unfortunately, Cynthia’s life isn’t going as well. As if her insane mother and guy trouble wasn’t enough, she may have to come head to head with the biggest thug in town. When Cynthia steps in at the wrong time she gets involved in the criminal’s path of destruction. What could a high school senior be involved in that is so drastic? How about vandalism, arson and murder? Cynthia has always been able to hold her own against any adversary, be it on the sports field or a campus brawl, but this opponent might prove to be her last.

Greg’s band is finally coming together. With his original voice and the excellent musicians he’s added to the line up, there is no way that Never Open can be over looked. He may have to change some of his ways, but it’s all worth it in the name of Rock and Roll, right?

Theme song, “I Will Follow Her” / Derek’s song
Lyrics by: Brad Wait and Emerian Rich
Music by: Brad Wait
© 2010 by Brad Wait and Emerian Rich
Published by Brad Wait Music (ASCAP).

Chapter 1:

In Chapter 1, the gang is back in the 5th installment of Sweet Dreams. Victoria is looking forward to a romantic Valentine’s Day weekend with her love Rob and prepping for her first real gig, but the school bully tries to ruin her bliss. Raul steps in, but will he have enough clout to stop it?

Voices in this chapter by Candace Lynn, Murdo Morrison, Camellia Rains, and Emmy Z. Madrigal.


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