1. Sweet Dreams

SDNEW1Sweet Dreams (#1)

by Emmy Z. Madrigal

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At twenty-one, Rob Malloy is a successful San Francisco entertainment manager and has achieved more than most men twice his age. Wealthy and famous for closing any deal, he may seem to have everything a man could want. However, he longs to meet a woman he can share his life with.

Victoria Knox is a poor eighteen-year-old student who dreams of nothing but becoming a singer. Dating is the last thing on her mind when she accidentally bumps into Rob in an airport gift shop on Christmas day. Instant attraction draws them to one another, despite their different lifestyles. Looking as if he stepped out of a GQ ad, Rob exudes high class and money. Victoria is convinced he is too good for her, but Rob is immediately attracted to how she freely shares her innocently opinionated views. He likes her down to earth personality that is such a breath of fresh air compared to the gold-digging socialites he is normally plagued with.

In this love story, Rob introduces Victoria to a high society world where she meets the rich and famous. For the first time she dares to believe her dream of becoming a singing star is possible through Rob’s industry connections. However, Rob is different from anyone she has ever met and she fears she won’t fit into his world. Her mother adds fuel to Victoria’s misgivings by questioning Rob’s intentions. Though sincere, Rob may have trouble convincing his country club parents that Victoria is a proper match. Join Rob and Victoria as they battle social class lines, parental disapproval and ghosts from their pasts to prove to others and themselves that their love is meant to last.

Chapter 1:

Victoria and Rob meet in a busy airport on Christmas Day.

Chapter 2:

Victoria spends Christmas Day at the “Old Knox” place. Rob asks Victoria on a date and he tells his father he’s met someone.

Chapter 3:

Mr. Malloy shows Rob the new expansion at Malloy Inc. Rob has brunch with his parents at the country club.

Chapter 4:

Rob and Victoria go on their first date.

Chapter 5:

Victoria meets up with her good friend Mark. Rob goes to Vail with his family.

Chapter 6:

While in Vail, Rob attempts to ignore his mother’s matchmaking and his father’s business plans. He finally tells his mother about Victoria.

Chapter 7:

Victoria looks ahead with excitement when she is told she is going to the dance. However, when it’s not Rob who meets her at the door, she fears the night will be a disaster.

Chapter 8:

Victoria is devastated as she realizes not only is her date the most annoying jerk in town, but Rob has attended the dance with someone he seems very happy with.

Chapter 9:

Rob tells Victoria how he feels about her and she shares her musical aspirations with him.

Chapter 10:

Rob comes home from the dance to find his parents worried. His father tells him he wants him return to Colorado and run V.I.P. Rob’s aunt dies and his parents leave for Atlanta.

Chapter 11:

Rob tells Victoria about his father wanting him to move back to Colorado. They spend the day together and she meets Hilary.

Chapter 12:

Rob takes Victoria to his house and they spend an intimate night together.

Chapter 13:

Her mother causes Victoria to second guess her new love by questioning Rob’s intentions and bringing up Victoria’s painful past.

Chapter 14:

Rob takes Victoria to the big Malloy Inc. New Year’s Eve party.

Chapter 15:

Rob and Victoria spend a memorable New Year’s Eve together. New Year’s Day has come too quickly for the new lovers. Parting at the airport isn’t easy. This is the conclusion of book one.

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