4. Undecided

undecidedUndecided (#4)

by Emmy Z. Madrigal

Listen to Undecided chapters below.

In Undecided, Cynthia Porter is dealing with much more than any high school girl should be asked to withstand. She’s at odds with her current love interest, famous boy bander Derek Montgomery. Her mother is verbally abusive and violent, pushing Cynthia out of the house. Her best friend can’t even console her, since she’s recovering from a bad weekend injury. Living out of a gym bag, Cynthia stays with any friends who will take her in, but things don’t make her life any easier when she starts hooking up with random guys.

Victoria Knox, recovering from her kidnapping injury, finds her boyfriend can’t stop blaming himself for letting her get hurt. She just wants to put the whole mess behind her and get on with her singing career.

There’s only six more months to the freedom of graduation. Can the girls make it without losing their way?

Voices by: Emmy Z. Madrigal, Kirk Warrington, Camellia Rains, Kate Wade,  J. Malcom Stewart, Heather Roulo.

Theme song, “Single Girls” written by Laura Jansen, preformed by Marinda Wijnen.


Never Open songs provided by Brad Wait.
“Without You”
All songs © 2010 by Brad Wait.

Chapter 1:

Cynthia skips school, Victoria stays home with Rob.

Chapter 2:

Cynthia spends the day at Greg’s house. She sees a news report where Derek says he’s single. Jumping to conclusions, she gets herself in trouble with Greg’s new drummer.

Chapter 3:

Cynthia gets in another fight with mom and heads to Greg’s where she gets herself in trouble with the biggest gossip in school.

Chapter 4:

Victoria braves school with a giant shiner and learns Sarah has been spreading rumors about her. At The Shop later, Victoria makes a new acquaintance she doesn’t want.

Chapter 5:

Raul catches up with old friends, whether he likes it or not. Cynthia struggles with her infatuation with Ian. Raul remembers why he spends most night’s at Greg’s.

Chapter 6:

Victoria worries about Cynthia as Cynthia decides on her future and gets a surprise from her past.

Chapter 7:

Victoria and Cynthia endure school. After school, Raul learns what Bianca really wants and Victoria tells him what happened in L.A.

Chapter 8:

Cynthia enjoys dinner with the Dows and a late night walk with James. She arrives back at Victoria’s in time to have angry words with Raul before catching some shut-eye. Greg asks Victoria to sing at an upcoming gig with his band, Never Open.

Chapter 9:

Cynthia finds solace in James fitting into her future as Victoria deals with a makeover by Ty. Meanwhile, Raul has something he needs to tell Vic, but will he have the courage to do it?

Chapter 10:

Cynthia and James discuss their future. Victoria practices music with Never Open and Raul walks her home.

Chapter 11:

Victoria and Cynthia discuss James. Victoria gives Cynthia a note to help her decide her love future. Raul leaves campus to get high.

Chapter 12:

Victoria, Cynthia, and the gang travel to a neighboring town to attend a Never Open gig at Alaster’s. Victoria sings with Never Open, Raul reveals his feelings, and Cynthia gets carried away backstage with Ian.

Chapter 13- End:

Rob is woken early Saturday morning with good news. Cynthia goes home and has a heart-to-heart with her dad.


50 Comments to “4. Undecided”

  1. when will this be ready

  2. To be honest, this one isn’t even close to being ready. It’s a little portion of a story that popped up between these two books. I hope to have it ready in 2011.

  3. Hi Emmy. I just downloaded all three books on my iPod yesterday, and listened to all of them today at work lol. And now I am dying to hear more. At the end of True Love, you answered questions about the series, and I just wanted to double check, are there 14 books within the series? And how many books per year do you release? Are you considering working on any other romance series? When you finish Undecided will One More Try be out shortly after? I saw your comment saying it was completely ready to be podcasted.

    I apologize for all of the questions, but I sew all day long at work, and audiobooks keep me occupied, and sometimes it is hard to find good ones lol. Great job!!!!!


  4. Hehehe. Well thank you so much for your interest! One More Try is pretty much ready, but Undecided is yet to be completed. I have a chunk (maybe 1/3 of a book) and need to see if One More Try will stay the same after this one. To be completely honest, I’m not sure when Undecided will be done. My target is next May, but I’m not sure. Depends on how smoothly it goes and if I decide to publish the other two books already podcasted in paperback. The first book in this series, Sweet Dreams, is coming out VERY soon in paperback. I am waiting for the 1st pass by the editor now. Then I will get a proof. I was hoping it would be out by November, but it might be more like early December.

    So, that is all I know about the Sweet Dreams series. However, I do have my vampire novel Night’s Knights available for download. I’m not sure if you like vampires, but there are several love stories intertwined in that one. It is quite a longer book (recorded before Sweet Dreams, so be kind on the audio… I was learning!) and it is 43 or so chapters long. If you like that one, the sequel, called Dusk’s Warriors, will start by the end of this year.

    The third project I have, Artistic License, is a horror romance but more tame than the vampire books. I think both the vamp lovers and the sweet dreams lovers will dig that one. I haven’t said much about this book because I haven’t decided when it will be out, but I expect more news in 2011.

  5. Just wanted to say I love your work I have become a huge fan of the sweet dreams series and can’t wait for the next installments:):) I haven’t been this hooked since the twilight series thank you:):) sincerely Bianca Zunino

  6. Thank you Bianca! That is quite a compliment since I was hooked on Twilight myself for awhile. If you have bought or listened to Sweet Dreams, don’t miss out on the free extras package. All you have to do is send me a pic of you with the book cover. Also, a review on Amazon.com would be great if you wouldn’t mind. 🙂 By the way, who is your favorite character?

  7. I love those books. I downloaded the first one back in the summer of ’10 just because I needed something new to read. I didn’t even know that there was more books…..I decided to go looking for some audio books to get, and I was trying to remember where I got that really good book, well I found it and the other 2 books, and let me just say…..WOW. I can’t wait for the rest to come out.

    • Thank you so much! I have to pause a little bit because my vampire series is needing some attention right now, but I hope to have something new for the Sweet Dreamers in 2011. Subscribe to this site for news! 🙂

  8. I had a hard time with the how the voices sounded in the 1st audio, but I still Loved, Loved, Loved the Sweet Dream series. I downloaded them and listend to them all in the less then two days, and cant wait for undecided to come out. Looking forward to some more good listening 🙂

    • Hiya Nikki! Thanks for listening. Sorry about the voices. I did them all myself, so… yes, Rob isn’t EXACTLY how he sounds in my head, but I did the best I could with the Minnie Mouse voice I have. Hhehee. I’m glad you enjoyed these. The first novel, Sweet Dreams, is available in print on Amazon and for all e-Book devices. As for the 4th book called Undecided, I have only the first few chapters. It might be awhile for this one since my horror books are taking off, but my goal is to complete Undecided during 2011. Once the book is finished, it won’t be too much longer before the podcast comes out. Happy listening! And if you dig vampires, check out my vampire novel Night’s Knights which is also on podcast.

  9. Anyone following this comment thread… check out the news on Undecided.

  10. Well i can’t wait for you to finish the rest…Well i guess i do if i ever plan on reading it…LOL. But i listen to the other 3 all the time i swear i could tell you those stories word for word ,and im hanging on so i can’t wait til undecided is finished. So will you post “one more try” automatically after you post “undecided” since it’s already finished or will you give time between the 2?

    • Thank you! There will be a slight pause, but it won’t be as long as this pause has been because I don’t anticipate any new writing that I don’t already have – just review. Thank you for listening! 🙂

    • Update on podcast schedule… This is for Chrishia and everyone else wondering about #5 One More Try. It will be coming in 2015. The end of Undecided is drawing to a close and I’ve been working hard on the print books for Star Struck and True Love? So for One More Try, I need to rewrite a key chapter after some first-reader feedback. Also, I will be working next on my podcast of my horror/romance novel, Artistic License. It will be the next thing to listen to. I think Sweet Dreamers may like it too, even though there is a little danger in it. Check out what’s going on with Artistic License here:

  11. I absolutly love these past three books, although my kids had to learn when the earphones came on that meant it was mommys time to enjoy some reading, I enjoyed them the ups and downs of all the characters. it was like u took me away from my troubles of the real word and I was into theres. I cant wait for the next one . thank you

    • Thank you for your feedback! And you know what, it’s the same for me! When I get to write about Vicki, Rob, Cyn, Derek, and the rest of the gang, I get to be in their lives. They are so real to me after all these years, it’s as if I know them in real life. And for a little while I can pretend I don’t have bills, and shopping, and chores to do. 🙂

      They really are a part of the family. My husband is always asking me questions about Mr. Malloy. “Now, would Mr. Malloy own a Laundromat? Who would he hire to carry the change around? Kip? Did they make that little Monopoly guy after Mr. Malloy? If Mr. Malloy was to play Monopoly, would he be the hat or the car?” Hehhee… it really is funny the things he comes up with!

      • Awe thats cute though emz. My husband will walk by the bedroom door and hear the vocals and he will know not to disturb because im listening to one of the books. He will listen to NK but he says theres too much girl in sweet dreams ;P i love it, but you already know that. Slight obsession!!

  12. Yes, I know Sweet Dreams is a bit romancy for most men. I kinda torture my hubby because he is one of my first readers. I think he’s gotten used to the Sweet Dreams gang though. Since he writes fantasy stuff – Sword and Sorcery kinda stuff that I don’t normally read – it’s kind of a fair trade. I tell him… “If I have to read all this *busty barmaid and men with big swords crap* then, you have to read my perfect rich heartthrob guy stuff.” Hhehe.
    Can’t wait till you see the Sweet Dreams Game I’m presenting soon. I finished it today. I’m going to have a couple people read it to clear out the typos and then you all get to play! I might too just for fun… just don’t tell anyone I’m playing. Lmao.

  13. Good news~! My 1st reader is reading (and loving) Undecided! 🙂

  14. wohooo! wish it were me, so jealous!

  15. […] Undecided, the 4th book in the Sweet Dreams Series is completed! As some of you know, I still insist on writing long hand, so the book is written, but I am just giving you my computer word count when I update you. So far, 36, 105 words have made themselves onto the the computer page! I have a few first readers started on this sequel and I hope to podcast it in a few months. For those of you who have not heard– or need a reminder– the Sweet Dreams Game is going on right now and one of you players is going to win an awesome one-of-a-kind book prop! Victoria’s lyric songbook! Don’t miss out on your chance to win. Play free now! […]

  16. Ok Sweet Dreamers… what’s up? I know that you guys are playing the Sweet Dreams Game because I see you doing the tasks, but no one has sent me a picture! I guess no one wants this awesome one-of-a-kind prize! Send me pics or an email about how many points you have on the game to be entered into the drawing for the book! https://sweetdreamsnovel.wordpress.com/2011/12/21/sweet-dreams-game-news-2/

  17. […] Undecided, the 4th book in the Sweet Dreams Series is completed! I need to have time at the computer to put it in so I can podcast later this year. […]

  18. I recently found the Sweet Dreams Series and I love it. The series is fun to listen to and very entertaining. Thank you for your hard work and for sharing your story with everyone.

    • Thank you so much Amanda! I love to hear that kind of stuff! I am getting excited, because I finally finished my edit of my book that’s coming out this fall and I get to start working on putting in Undecided. Which means — closer to podcast! It’s listeners like you that make it all worth my while. 🙂

  19. I just got into this series and have fallen completely in love with the books. When will the 4th and 5th book be on podcast?

    • Jessica and Cewea! You and all the other Sweet Dreamers are going to be happy to know… I am putting in the last 10 pages of edits this evening. Then comes the printing out and recording. I did have some delays this year – life got in the way – but I am hoping to start recording in December. I think the way Podiobooks is now, we have to upload the entire book at once, so you won’t get pieces this time. Once I upload it, the entire book (all chapters) should be available at once. So, even though it may take me awhile to get all the chapters made, when it goes live, it will be all available. 🙂

  20. Hey. Sorry I know that you are probably asked this all the time, but when will these be on podcast?! I really enjoy listening to your books. I am little impatient though XP So I am dying to get the next book!

    • Cewea I am just as impatient as you! 🙂 I wish I could spend every minute of the day cranking out Sweet Dreams!

    • Now recording UNDECIDED! 🙂

      • I love this series it is so great!!!!! I love music I am in the band at my high school and the marching band, I’m a singer as well!!! I can’t wait for undecided to be available to listen to!!! I was hoping how much longer do we all have to wait?!?!

      • Thank you so much. I’m glad you enjoy it!:) I have to apologize… I was planning on posting the chapters starting May 1st, but my computer took a nose dive. Totally conked out on me last month! So, bad news is I haven’t been able to record more. Good news, computer has new parts and is recovering… I didn’t lose any of the old chapters I had recorded! So I will continue recording soon and hope to have the book out July 1st!

  21. when will this be podcasted?

  22. Awesome! Love your books!! Can’t wait to hear the next!!! You have a wonderful talent… which makes us feel as though we are visualizing what is being read… 🙂

  23. Updates above. I hope to release the first chapter of Undecided soon!

  24. Heyy Emmy! I really enjoy your novels.. I have already listened to the first three books of Sweet Dreams twice now, and I can’t wait to hear the fourth book… I just want to know when are you going to release it on iTunes? I would really really love it if you could put it on iTunes already. Your novels are so to die for. 🙂 love lots! 😀 xoxo

    • Thank you Christie! It’s coming soon, soon! Just waiting on the cover. 🙂 Yes, it will be on itunes. The other books were on itunes through Mevio, now they will be on a different feed, which I will publish when it’s ready. Undecided will probably also go to Podiobooks, but I haven’t finished the whole thing yet, so that will be awhile.

  25. Well all, I don’t have the cover art yet, but I decided to post the first chapter of Undecided without it. Check out this post!

  26. Cover updated now! Might change for print, but that is a few years off. Undecided Chapters 1-6 are now available on this site. 🙂

  27. Where can I listen to Undecided

    • Hi Shay! You can listen from this site (each chapter posts separately) or you can listen from http://sweetdreamsnovel.libsyn.com/ which lists all the episodes. I am working on posting every chapter here on each book, so I will let you know when that posts. How do you usually listen to podcasts? Is there a site you frequent? I can work on getting it there.

  28. I listen to ITunes or on Podcasts

    • Shay, I am working on iTunes, but right now it’s in pending. Until then, I’ve set up listen buttons ^^above^^ so you can listen to all available chapters from one page. I also mentioned you on my FB!
      “Emmy Z. Madrigal shared a link: Thanks to shay422, you can now listen to all Undecided chapters from one blog page! I will be working on making all the other books just as accessible!

      Hope this helps!

  29. Vote for Rob Malloy as the “Best Book Boyfriend”. Thanks Sumiko for the nomination. Now Sweet Dreams fans can make Rob the winner! Vote for Rob now by clicking this link and click VOTE! http://indiereconlive.com/?contestants=rob-malloy-from-star-struck

  30. Brand new Sweet Dreams spinoff “First Love” first 3 episodes free on Kindle Vella!

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