5. One More Try

One More Try cover model Heidi Kaden

One More Try (#5)

by Emmy Z. Madrigal

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Victoria Knox is ecstatic as she performs her first solo gig for a party at the nation’s most famous Fashion Designer’s estate. Her biggest worry is that she’ll screw it up somehow.

Unfortunately, Cynthia’s life isn’t going as well. As if her insane mother and guy trouble wasn’t enough, she may have to come head to head with the biggest thug in town. When Cynthia steps in at the wrong time she gets involved in the criminal’s path of destruction. What could a high school senior be involved in that is so drastic? How about vandalism, arson and murder? Cynthia has always been able to hold her own against any adversary, be it on the sports field or a campus brawl, but this opponent might prove to be her last.

Greg’s band is finally coming together. With his original voice and the excellent musicians he’s added to the line up, there is no way that Never Open can be over looked. He may have to change some of his ways, but it’s all worth it in the name of Rock and Roll, right?

Theme song, “I Will Follow Her” / Derek’s song
Lyrics by: Brad Wait and Emerian Rich
Music by: Brad Wait
© 2010 by Brad Wait and Emerian Rich
Published by Brad Wait Music (ASCAP).


Chapter 1:

In Chapter 1, the gang is back in the 5th installment of Sweet Dreams. Victoria is looking forward to a romantic Valentine’s Day weekend with her love Rob and prepping for her first real gig, but the school bully tries to ruin her bliss. Raul steps in, but will he have enough clout to stop it?

Voices in this chapter by Candace Lynn, Murdo Morrison, Camellia Rains, and Emmy Z. Madrigal.

Chapter 2:

In Chapter 2, Derek ponders why Cynthia hasn’t answered his email as he and the gang from RHE preform in Chicago. Cynthia thinks about the future as she works on her newest art piece. Greg and Ian drop by and try to convince her to go to The Shop’s Pre-Valentine’s Day Protest Party.

Voices in this chapter by Kirk Warrington, Dave Strom, and Emmy Z. Madrigal.

Chapter 3:

In Chapter 3, Cynthia goes to The Shop’s Pre-Valentine’s Day Protest Party and makes out with Ian. Derek calls Cynthia’s house. Victoria practices for her upcoming gig.

Voices in this chapter by Emmy Z. Madrigal.

Chapter 4:

In Chapter 4, Victoria’s day goes from bad to worse after a confrontation with Bianca.

Voices in this chapter by Camellia Rains, DJ Pitsiladis, and Emmy Z. Madrigal.

Chapter 5:

In Chapter 5, Rob picks up Victoria for Valentine’s Day weekend. Cynthia goes home, but finds the situation there is no better. The Porter children find out a family secret. 

Voices in this chapter by Emmy Z. Madrigal.

Chapter 6:

In Chapter 6,
Mr. Porter handles the mom situation, leaving Cynthia home to take care of Shawn. While in crisis mode, Derek calls and doesn’t get the welcome he expects. Mr. Porter returns home to tell his children what is wrong with their mom. 

Voices in this chapter by Emmy Z. Madrigal.

Chapter 7:

In Chapter 7, Victoria and Rob reconnect on Valentine’s Day, sharing a steamy night together. Cynthia faces a hard truth when it comes to Derek. 

Voices in this chapter by Emmy Z. Madrigal.

Chapter 8:

In Chapter 8, Victoria receives a call from Mrs. Basant de Busse which makes her more nervous than she already was for her first concert-length gig. Rob takes her dress shopping and gives her a Valentine’s Day gift. 

Voices in this chapter by Miriam Bell Garfield, David Barrett, Candace Lynn, and Emmy Z. Madrigal.

Chapter 9:

In Chapter 9, The Porter’s try to recover from the aftermath of hurricane mom. Cynthia goes for a run and witnesses someone vandalizing the elementary school. Cynthia confides in Greg.

Voices in this chapter by Camellia Rains and Emmy Z. Madrigal.

Chapter 10:

In Chapter 10, Victoria braves her first gig.

Voices in this chapter by Dan Shaurette, Grant Lamascus, and Emmy Z. Madrigal.

Chapter 11:

Victoria and Rob spend a sexy, steamy night in the tub together.

Voices in this chapter by Emmy Z. Madrigal.

Chapter 12:

Cynthia hangs out at Greg’s for an impromptu concert.

Voices in this chapter by Emmy Z. Madrigal and Kirk Warrington.

Chapter 13:

Greg annoys Raul and talks to Sarah about their relationship. Rob and Victoria show up to Greg’s barbecue and Cynthia tells Vic about her weekend.

Voices in this chapter by Emmy Z. Madrigal and Kadirah Wade.

Chapter 14:

The whole gang is at Greg’s BBQ. Rob and Victoria chat, Greg tells Cyn he broke it off with Sarah, and he introduces the band to the crowd. Something Ty says causes Victoria to worry about Raul’s motives.

Voices in this chapter by Emmy Z. Madrigal.

Chapter 15:

Cyn stays to help Greg clean up but doesn’t know Ian has stayed too. Rob and Victoria have trouble saying goodbye. Derek shows up and takes Cyn home. Derek is reamed for leaving tour without telling anyone.

Voices in this chapter by Emmy Z. Madrigal, Kirk Warrington as Ian, and Rish Outfield as Slip.

Chapter 16:

Victoria is accosted by Bianca and then gains a role in the school play. Rob asks Kip to come work for him at his new company.

Voices in this chapter by Emmy Z. Madrigal, Camellia Rains as Bianca, and Dan Shaurette as Mr. Vogel.

In Chapter 17, Cynthia talks to her brother about their mother’s break down. Derek has breakfast with the family.

Voices in this chapter by Emmy Z. Madrigal.

In Chapter 18, Cynthia tries to tell the police about the fire and spends an enjoyable morning with Derek.

Voices in this chapter by Emmy Z. Madrigal. Cameo from Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc as the lady cop.

In Chapter 19, Derek plays street football with Cyn and her family. Mr. Porter has a talk with Derek.

Voices in this chapter by Emmy Z. Madrigal.

In Chapter 20, Victoria and her friends face off against thug Bianca. Victoria calls Cyn to let her know what’s going on. Cyn and Derek discuss the situation and call the police.

Voices in this chapter by Camellia Rains, Rish Outfield, DJ Pitsiladis, and Emmy Z. Madrigal.

In Chapter 21, Bianca and crew track Cyn to her house and attack.

Voices in this chapter Camellia Rains and Emmy Z. Madrigal.

In Chapter 22, Derek holds Bianca off with a gun as police and ambulance arrive. Derek sits by Cyn’s die in the hospital.

Voices in this chapter by Camellia Rains, David Barrett, Angela Estes, and Emmy Z. Madrigal.


26 Responses to “5. One More Try”

  1. when will this be ready to get

  2. This book is ready to be podcast, but since Undecided is before it, I would like to produce that one first. Undecided is on my list for 2011.
    The print novel of Sweet Dreams (book 1) will be ready this year. Target release date is November 2010.

  3. Loved the novels!! I was so involved.. I couldn’t wait to get to the next book when Irealized Undecided was not done yet.. I was disappointed.. only in the fact that I have to wait to find out what happens!! Fantastic story line. I will be waiting. Thanks for writing in such a way the reader can get lost within the story and really enjoy it!

    • Thanks KIM! Yes, I had to pause to get Sweet Dreams in print. I am reading the print proof of Sweet Dreams right now! 🙂 Should be out by December! Then I can get reviewing the notes I have on Undecided. Never fear, there will be more Rob, Victoria, Cyn & Derek! I am so glad you enjoyed them and hope you continue to listen/read in the future. 🙂

  4. when is one more try going to come out

    • Hiya Leslie! I think what will happen is that Undecided (the next audio I do) will air at the end of 2011 and One More Try will air in 2012. I am working on Undecided now. There may be another romance book I podcast before these (or between them) called Artistic License, but I’m not sure when. It’s a romance with a horror twist, but not as horror-y as my vampire books. Kind of a mid genre book. I love it and really want to make it available to you all.

  5. When in 2011? I started listening to Sweet Dreams not realizing it was a series now I’m waiting on Undecided.

    • I’m thinking late – late. I might (sorry) even push it into early 2012, though I will try not to. The only reason being that I am releasing another romance book not in this series. It is a romance/horror and I’m really excited about it. I think you guys will like it! Still, my target date for Undecided is to podcast it starting in Dec. 2011. Also, if you subscribe to this blog, you will know the instant I have any news about it.

  6. Ok Sweet Dreamers… what’s up? I know that you guys are playing the Sweet Dreams Game because I see you doing the tasks, but no one has sent me a picture! I guess no one wants this awesome one-of-a-kind prize! Send me pics or an email about how many points you have on the game to be entered into the drawing for the book! https://sweetdreamsnovel.wordpress.com/2011/12/21/sweet-dreams-game-news-2/

  7. How is undecided coming along for podcast?

    • Undecided, the 4th book in the Sweet Dreams Series is completed! I need to have time at the computer to put it in so I can podcast later this year.

      I am also reading, One More Try, the 5th book in the Sweet Dreams Series. It is needing some adjustments because of the way Undecided ended up, but because I have basically the whole book written, it should be fast going. I would estimate I am about 3 Chapters in.

      To read more about Emz and her current projects, go to: http://emzunplugged.wordpress.com

  8. Update… Undecided is currently being podcasted… check the front page for new chapters. One More Try has just gone out to my 1st readers. YEAH! Excited to get this out to you all. I love One More Try because there is so much going on. It again focuses on Cyn and Derek, but there are some dangerous situations she gets herself into and Vicki preforms her first solo gig. I really want to jump into #6, To Be With You, but I am going to concentrate on getting these others in print first. Whoosh! I need 6 clones of me to be working on it! 🙂

  9. Update…on podcast schedule… This is for everyone wondering about #5 One More Try. It will be coming in 2015. The end of Undecided is drawing to a close and I’ve been working hard on the print books for Star Struck and True Love? So for One More Try, I need to rewrite a key chapter after some first-reader feedback. Also, I will be working next on my podcast of my horror/romance novel, Artistic License. It will be the next thing to listen to. I think Sweet Dreamers may like it too, even though there is a little danger in it. Check out what’s going on with Artistic License here:

  10. Vote for Rob Malloy as the “Best Book Boyfriend”. Thanks Sumiko for the nomination. Now Sweet Dreams fans can make Rob the winner! Vote for Rob now by clicking this link and click VOTE! http://indiereconlive.com/?contestants=rob-malloy-from-star-struck

  11. Hi Emmy, I found your books late last year and listened to all four. I thought I read somewhere that book five would be done in May 2015. Do you have any news on when it will be done? I’m dying to know what happens to Raul.

    • Yes! Thank you April for your interest. My target was this summer, but I’ve lagged a bit on my other podnovel http://www.artisticlicense.com because of computer issues and such. I hope to finish Artistic License and move on to One More Try this Fall. Sorry for the delay! I am so excited to bring you the new book though. Hopefully your Raul questions will be answered. You definitely get a deeper look into his life in this one. 🙂

    • Beginning recording One More Try this week! 🙂 So excited to put it out for you all.

  12. OH no I have to wait for the rest of the books. I am loving the book and so addicted to the series. I can’t wait to find out what happens next.

  13. It’s awesome keep them coming.

  14. Chapters 1-4 of OMT are now available to listen to above! Summer got me behind, but more to come soon, I promise!

  15. Chapters 1-10 are now available for One More Try!

  16. Brand new Sweet Dreams spinoff “First Love” first 3 episodes free on Kindle Vella!


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