SweetDreamsCover I love getting mail from my readers! Here are just some of the nice things you have been saying about Sweet Dreams.
Meghann  “I loved sweet dreams when it first came out on Podiobooks. It’s one of my fav. podcasts. Love love love everything.” ~ Meghann
 rebecca “I love the Sweet Dreams series because of the music and the wonderful story. When I feel blue, I listen to Sweet Dreams again because it makes me feel happier. It’s up there with my favorite manga Azumanga Daioh. Both stories are a sure fire way to cheer me up.” ~Rebecca

“Hey Emmy! I really enjoy your novels.. I have already listened to the first three books of Sweet Dreams twice now, and I can’t wait to hear the fourth book… I just want to know when are you going to release it on iTunes? I would really really love it if you could put it on iTunes already. Your novels are so to die for. 🙂 love lots! 😀 xoxo” ~ Christie

“Awesome! Love your books!! Can’t wait to hear the next!!! You have a wonderful talent… which makes us feel as though we are visualizing what is being read… :)” ~ Kim

“I love this series it is so great!!!!! I love music I am in the band at my high school and the marching band, I’m a singer as well!!! I can’t wait for undecided to be available to listen to!!! I was hoping how much longer do we all have to wait?!?!” ~ Kelsey

“Hey. Sorry I know that you are probably asked this all the time, but when will these be on podcast?! I really enjoy listening to your books. I am little impatient though XP So I am dying to get the next book!”  ~ Cewea

“I just got into this series and have fallen completely in love with the books. When will the 4th and 5th book be on podcast?” ~ Jessica

“I recently found the Sweet Dreams Series and I love it. The series is fun to listen to and very entertaining. Thank you for your hard work and for sharing your story with everyone.” ~Amanda

“I absolutely love these past three books, although my kids had to learn when the earphones came on that meant it was mommy’s time to enjoy some reading. I enjoyed them and the ups and downs of all the characters. It was like u took me away from my troubles of the real word and I was into theirs. I cant wait for the next one . Thank you.” ~ Candice

“I love those books. I downloaded the first one back in the summer of ’10 just because I needed something new to read. I didn’t even know that there was more books…..I decided to go looking for some audio books to get, and I was trying to remember where I got that really good book, well I found it and the other 2 books, and let me just say…..WOW. I can’t wait for the rest to come out.  Well I guess I do if I ever plan on reading it…LOL. But I listen to the other 3 all the time I swear I could tell you those stories word for word and I’m hanging on so I can’t wait til Undecided is finished. So will you post “One More Try” automatically after you post “Undecided” since it’s already finished or will you give time between the 2?” ~ Chrishia

“I Loved, Loved, Loved the Sweet Dream series. I downloaded them and listened to them all in the less then two days, and can’t wait for Undecided to come out. Looking forward to some more good listening :)” ~ Nikki

“Just wanted to say I love your work I have become a huge fan of the Sweet Dreams Series and can’t wait for the next installments:):) I haven’t been this hooked since the Twilight series. Thank you:):)” ~ Bianca

“Hi Emmy. I just downloaded all three books on my iPod yesterday, and listened to all of them today at work lol. And now I am dying to hear more. When you finish Undecided will One More Try be out shortly after? I saw your comment saying it was completely ready to be podcasted. I sew all day long at work, and audiobooks keep me occupied, and sometimes it is hard to find good ones lol. Great job!!!!!” ~ Amy

“Loved the novels!! I was so involved.. I couldn’t wait to get to the next book when I realized Undecided was not done yet.. I was disappointed.. only in the fact that I have to wait to find out what happens!! Fantastic story line. I will be waiting. Thanks for writing in such a way the reader can get lost within the story and really enjoy it!” ~ K.

“I have finished reading Sweet Dreams, and I would love to read the next one, but I am not a huge fan of listening to the books. When are the next books in the series going to come out as an eBook ? I would love to read your next book.” ~ Jemma

“Hey Emz, got your novels on podiobooks a couple of days ago and as a 63 year old male, I really enjoyed them. I would have liked them better if the ccharacters were a tad bit older, making it a little more realistic, but hey, I’m a lot older that what your audience is and so I could be way out of touch. I kept waiting for Rob to ask for Victoria’s hand in marriage, but that would be way too early. Remembering my years in that age, much of those feelings were real, but in hind sight, I was way too immature and didn’t really know what love was. Being that as it may, I’m hooked on your series and can’t wait for the next novel. There is just something about the realism of the voices that you use. Keep up the good work.” ~ C.B.

“I was browsing and came across your series! I’m so excited to start them! The short description already had me hooked, and it sounds like I have a lot of catching up to do! :-) X’s and O’s” ~Chelsea

“When will you be putting the fourth book out of Sweet Dreams “One More Try” I just love listen to your podcast. Sweet Dreams is the best so I have a hard time waiting but I must wait.” ~ Leslie

“Hi Emmy, I have been listening to the Sweet Dreams series and was curious about the author. You may remember me from I have a reader’s review blog. I came to this site to read up a bit on this series and realized that you are also Emerian Rich. I have your Knight’s Night listed as one of my TOP 10 Picks. I thought the voice in Sweet Dreams and the effects sounded alot like Night’s Knights. lol Great series and I can’t wait to listen to more. Keep up the great work!” ~ Brandie

“I ♥ Sweet Dreams!” ~Antoinette

“The book you wrote, True Love, reminds of a saying grandma always told me ‘Life’s like a Battle you never know who’s on your side.’ I’m rooting for Cyn and Derek!” ~Synthia

“My husband will walk by the bedroom door and hear the vocals and he will know not to disturb because I’m listening to one of the books. He will listen to NK but he says there’s too much girl in Sweet Dreams ;P I love it, but you already know that. Slight obsession!!” ~Collene

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