Sweet Dreamers Questions Answered

Q: Have you ever thought about writing The Young Adventures of Rob Malloy? (Bob)
A: Hehhee. No, that never occurred to me. But it would be a great manga series!

Q: What are the names of your other books – the horror ones? (Diana)
A: My vampire series is called Night’s Knights. You can find out more about those books at my personal website http://www.emzbox.com

Q: When will you be putting the fourth book out of Sweet Dreams? (Leslie)
A: The fourth book, Undecided, is next and I am working on it now. Unlike the others, it is only about half a book size. So I will be creating some new content to finish it out. My goal is to podcast this book by the end of 2011.

Q: Where can I buy Sweet Dreams in print? Are you going to be anywhere soon where I can buy it from you signed? (Cilla)
A: You can purchase Sweet Dreams on  Amazon.com.  You can also purchase one directly from me by going to my website at: http://www.emzbox.com/ or at the upcoming Science Fiction/ Fantasy convention, Baycon, held Memorial Day weekend in the San Francisco bay area. For more information on the con, go to: http://www.baycon.org/

Q: At the end of True Love, you answered questions about the series and I just wanted to double check, are there 14 books within the series? And how many books per year do you release? Are you considering working on any other romance series? When you finish Undecided will One More Try be out shortly after? I saw your comment saying it was completely ready to be podcasted. (Amy)
A: Thank you so much for your interest! One More Try is pretty much ready, but Undecided is yet to be completed. My target for this is by the end of 2011. One More Try will be soon to follow. I’m not sure there are 14 books… but there are at least 8 complete. I don’t really have a set schedule for how many books I produce a year, but try to get at least one out per year. As for other books, my vampire novel, Night’s Knights, is available for download. I’m not sure if you like vampires, but there are several love stories intertwined in that one. It is quite a longer book (recorded before Sweet Dreams, so be kind on the audio… I was learning!) and it is 43 or so chapters long. If you like that one, the sequel, called Dusk’s Warriors, is being posted live chapter by chapter at: http://www.vamp.mevio.com/. As of this post, I am only on chapter 5 of that one so much more to come! 🙂  The third project I have, Artistic License, is a horror romance but more tame than the vampire books. I think both the vamp lovers and the sweet dreams lovers will dig that one. I haven’t said much about this book because I haven’t ironed out the details of when it will be out, but I expect more news to come soon as I am dealing with some contract negotiations with this one.


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