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March 11, 2018

Guest Post: A Perfect Soundtrack by Lela Bay

Guest Blog: A Perfect Soundtrack by Lela Bay

Before I begin writing, I often create a playlist with the mood of the book. Unlike many authors, I don’t mind lyrics. I know I’ve been in the writing zone when I pause and suddenly reawaken of the music and singing that’s been playing all along.

Movie musicals know what they’re doing. They start with a powerful opening number. Just consider the release of La La Land, where an entire Los Angeles freeway becomes a thumping, mardi gras party for those stuck in traffic. It’s an easy daydream to have:

More recently, The Greatest Showman grabbed hold of the audience with its pulse-pounding opening number. The multi-talented Hugh Jackman owns the stage with his presence, and the tempo builds with the marvelous stomping effects.

However, even in non-musicals the soundtrack plays an integral role setting the tone of the movie. If you love music and romance, prepare to be blown away. The opening scene of A Perfect Man, with Liev Schreiber and Jeanne Tripplehorn, is the ideal of using music to set up the story and inspire the audience. It’s a beautiful, mysterious and powerful sequence. When I heard the music, I needed to know more. Hints in the lyrics sounded familiar. It nagged at me. In searching I discovered the opening lyrics were from Shakespeare’s Sonnet 57. The director filmed the movie but ran out of funds and didn’t finish it. Later, he showed a rough cut to a film class, and they were so impressed they insisted he complete the movie.

I couldn’t find a clip of the opening scene from A Perfect Man on Youtube for you. Ideally, go to Netflix and stream just the first 5 minutes of the movie (sorry film students, the movie is good but never lives up to those opening minutes). Alternately, you can hear the music here but it isn’t quite the same without the amazing scene. “For This Sin (featuring Jules Larson)” by Jeff Cardoni.

As a writer, I wish I could use music to instantly tell my audience the tone, genre, and energy of the story they were about to read. I find it entirely believable that our reading devices of the future could come embedded with soundtracks to match the pace of the reader.

Until then, here are a few songs that I listened to while working on my Regency romance novella, Ruined Reputations. Since it’s a period piece, I chose music that didn’t use too many modern instruments (not too much electric guitar and synth for this soundtrack). The two tales, “The Unusual Mr. Aarons” and “Virtue’s Temptation” are sweet and sometimes funny with an undertone of longing.

  • For This Sin (feat. Jules Larson) by Jeff Cardoni
  • Earned It by The Weeknd from 50 Shades of Grey soundtrack
  • The Look of Love by Diana Krall
  • Everywhere by lissie
  • On Less Bell to Answer/A House is not a Home – Glee Soundtrack
  • Issues (acoustic version) by Julia Michaels

Lela lives in a modest house with her husband, children, and pets. Despite living in the far north, she requires a certain amount of sunshine each day or she gets grumpy. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys strolling, gardening, reading, and tea time with friends.

She enjoys stories with intimacy and humor.

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“A tantalizing pair of Regency tales.” ~Emmy Z. Madrigal

“Ruined Reputations is a love letter to high romance of the Brontes with the meticulous eye for detail that readers crave like oxygen itself.” ~MJ Sherry-author of the Back Page Babylon series

–The Unusual Manners of Mr. Aarons–

Rumors of Mr. Aarons unconventional ways are confirmed when he nearly yanks the bonnet off Emmaline’s cousin’s head. Drawn by his charm and good looks, Emmaline finds herself assisting him in his mysterious mission.

His obscure search appears to lead to her cousin, beautiful Catherine Connersfield. She is the more sensible choice, but will she have him? More to the point, will Emmaline let her?

–Virtue’s Temptation–

Experience has taught Eleanor it’s better to be practical than passionate.

When she discovers Bitsy eloping with her French tutor, scandal threatens to ruin the girl.

To keep her reputation intact, Eleanor reluctantly chaperones the rebellious heiress.

Eleanor’s spotless character protects Bitsy, but behaving respectably proves difficult when tempted by the dangerously attractive Mr. Stinson.

If she fails it will end with … Ruined Reputations.