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December 8, 2015

Now Available! Rob’s Journal

I have an exciting announcement for all you Sweet Dreamers, a new book just in time for the holidays!

Ever wonder what Rob’ really thought when he first met Victoria? What about their first kiss? Or that first night they spent in bed? Now’s your chance with the first installment of Rob’s Journals.

RJFrontCoverRobert W. Malloy’s Journal, Uncensored


You know Robert Malloy as the sexy business man who swept Victoria Knox off her feet. Here’s a glimpse into his thoughts with the unauthorized publication of his personal journal. What does he really think about Victoria and those intimate moments spent together? Experience Sweet Dreams exclusively through Rob’s eyes, uncensored.

*A companion to Sweet Dreams Volume #1*

Available now on Kindle

April 16, 2014

Paper Fortune Giveaway

0416141450aSometimes it pays to be first!

I’ve received several requests for a FREE paper fortune teller like the one Vic gives Cyn in Chapter 11 of Undecided… but the first request was from Rebecca in California and because she was first, she gets the ORIGINAL paper fortune, featured in the Undecided book cover.
Congrats Rebecca!

Still haven’t listened to Chapter 11 of Undecided yet?




If you haven’t, here is the audio:

Now you can get your very own paper fortune teller like the one on the Undecided cover, for free.

Just send your name and snail-mail address to:

And you will get a FREE paper fortune teller in the mail from Emmy Z.!


February 20, 2014

Winner of the Sweet Dreams Game – One of a Kind Victoria’s Songbook!

vicbookI am proud to announce the winner of the Sweet Dreams Game is…

Renee from Seattle!!!

Congratulations Renee!!

Please send me your mailing address via email to: so I can send you the ONE OF A KIND Sweet Dreams collectible… Victoria’s Songbook.

How did she win? Renee played the Sweet Dreams Game and sent me a photographic timeline. See some of her photos below.

Now that’s one dedicated Sweet Dreamer! Thanks to everyone who played and stay tuned for the next game, starting in December 2014.


Renee takes a brisk walk to feel the
cool wind on her skin.


Renee and her brother mark off their points
on the Sweet Dreams Game scorecard.


Taking a page from Cynthia’s book,
Renee apologizes.


Renee has dinner with family for her birthday.


Renee and brother go for ice cream!


Renee eats Chinese with friends!

May 23, 2010

LIVE EVENT – Sweet Dreams Musical Romance 9:30am today

Sweet Dreams Musical Romance 9:30am today
Emz Mazie also writes romance!
Come listen to the first chapter and ask questions.
We’ll be gathering in the brand new Milkwood Library!
See you there. 🙂