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December 8, 2015

Now Available! Rob’s Journal

I have an exciting announcement for all you Sweet Dreamers, a new book just in time for the holidays!

Ever wonder what Rob’ really thought when he first met Victoria? What about their first kiss? Or that first night they spent in bed? Now’s your chance with the first installment of Rob’s Journals.

RJFrontCoverRobert W. Malloy’s Journal, Uncensored


You know Robert Malloy as the sexy business man who swept Victoria Knox off her feet. Here’s a glimpse into his thoughts with the unauthorized publication of his personal journal. What does he really think about Victoria and those intimate moments spent together? Experience Sweet Dreams exclusively through Rob’s eyes, uncensored.

*A companion to Sweet Dreams Volume #1*

Available now on Kindle

October 18, 2012

New Book and New Freebies!


and get… a Free Extras Pack!

Like Freebies?
Buy the book and enjoy this special offer package!

This special collector’s edition extras package can be delivered to you or a friend. The picture below of the extras pack is addressed to one of the first buyers, Dan.

This collector’s edition extras pack includes:
*A personalized letter from Henry, the butler.
*A key to Northing Castle. (key styles vary)
*A personalized bookplate signed by the author to peel off and stick in your book.
*And bookmark. (bookmark styles vary)

Getting this prize pack is easy and FREE!

All you have to do is take your picture with the book and email it to:

Along with:

*Who the package should be made out to.
*Your snail mail address.
*A picture of you or a friend with the book.

So, after you receive your Artistic License book from, don’t forget to snap some pics and send them to Emerian Rich!

September 11, 2011

Undecided News

This post comes from Emz personal writing/project blog at:

Loving how Undecided is coming out. Two new heart-throbs for the gals to swoon over.

Ian, the bad boy drummer and James, the high school quarterback.

We get to see more of day to day school life of Victoria and Cynthia. I’m using a lot of digital tech in this book. Emails, txts, IM’s. I really love that when I watch a movie or read a book with that sort of thing… it’s a part of our daily lives, so why not utilize it, right?

For you Raul lovers, you get more of him too. I have someone coming up in One More Try that will bleed into Undecided to give her a little background. She’s not a good girl.

Still pecking away at it!