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December 5, 2018

LAST DAY to get Meant to Be MINE – FREE!

LAST DAY to get this book FREE!

August 27, 2014

Free Books!

The Sweet Dreams Series is having an awesome sale!

SweetDreamsCoverThe first Sweet Dreams eBook is now free at Smashwords. Use coupon code: KM82A to get your free copy until September 26th, 2014.





starstruckThe second eBook, Star Struck is now free at until August 31st, 2014.




tlsmallYou can own the third eBook, True Love from Amazon for only $2.99*.

*Note, if you have Kindle Unlimited, you can own this title for free as well. Or, if you’ve bought the paperback version, you can get it for free from Kindle Matchbook.


May 19, 2014

Anime Girl 2 – Now Available!

AG2FinalAnime Girl 2

by Emmy Z. Madrigal

Now available for download at:

Just 99 cents.
If you are an Amazon Prime user, you can borrow this title for free!

Bestselling manga author, Abby Tanaka, is in love with her talent manager, Chase. It’s been three weeks since they met for the first time at an anime conference in Los Angeles. Now, she’s travelling to San Francisco for another con, and plans to have a weekend of romance with Chase. As of yet, they have only kissed, but Abby has drawn a few places their relationship could go.

Arriving at the hotel early seems like a good idea, but when Abby finds out Chase will be spending most of the weekend catering to sexy SciFi movie star, Tosh James, all her plans for a romantic weekend go down the drain. Not only is Tosh every girlfriend’s worst nightmare, but her wicked charms and low-cut outfits threaten to make Chase forget Abby altogether.

Will Abby lose the man of her dreams to the sultry Tosh? Or will her character Emiko inspire her to win him back?

**This is a print book, not a comic.**

The cover artist for Anime Girl 2 is Alyssa Loveless, a talented young manga artist. Alyssa was really able to get the feeling and look I wanted for this cover. Tosh is snobby and self-confident, pulling Chase’s tie as Abby is clinging to him in her cute in her goth-lotita gear. Chase stands in the middle, irritated, but under control. Alyssa’s other work can be found at:

May 6, 2014

Listen to all your favorite Sweet Dreams chapters from the site!

As promised to Sweet Dreamer Shay, you can now listen to all the Sweet Dreams podcast episodes at one place…

At the top of the page, each book is listed. Just click on the book you wish to hear and you will see each chapter listed below along with a short description of what happens. (See graphic below for an example.)

A few of you have asked for a book timeline and I am working on it. For now, you have each chapter description, which should help. Soon you will be able to see a Sweet Dreams calendar, outlining what happens on each day along with your favorite character’s birthdays and special events!

Thank you for all the emails and notes about the Sweet Dreams Interactive San Francisco map  (located under the “Extras” tab) where you can see where your favorite character’s had that first kiss, took that romantic walk, or went sight-seeing. This was something I’ve been working on for awhile and I am happy you’ve enjoyed it. Please keep the locations coming. Have I missed a spot? Let me know.

Keep the great ideas coming Sweet Dreamers! I want to make the series as interactive as you’d like it!

Sweet Dreams,

~Emmy Z.


February 20, 2014

Winner of the Sweet Dreams Game – One of a Kind Victoria’s Songbook!

vicbookI am proud to announce the winner of the Sweet Dreams Game is…

Renee from Seattle!!!

Congratulations Renee!!

Please send me your mailing address via email to: so I can send you the ONE OF A KIND Sweet Dreams collectible… Victoria’s Songbook.

How did she win? Renee played the Sweet Dreams Game and sent me a photographic timeline. See some of her photos below.

Now that’s one dedicated Sweet Dreamer! Thanks to everyone who played and stay tuned for the next game, starting in December 2014.


Renee takes a brisk walk to feel the
cool wind on her skin.


Renee and her brother mark off their points
on the Sweet Dreams Game scorecard.


Taking a page from Cynthia’s book,
Renee apologizes.


Renee has dinner with family for her birthday.


Renee and brother go for ice cream!


Renee eats Chinese with friends!

February 3, 2014

Happy Valentine’s Day!

The big day is coming, do you have your romance reading ready?


AnimeGirlCoverFinal copy

Don’t forget to enter the Sweet Dreams Game contest by February 14th! In the mean time, here are some suggestions for Valentine’s Day reading

December 27, 2013

Sweet Dreams Game- Submit to win!

A few people have asked about the Sweet Dreams Game – when submitting their pics of them doing the tasks, if they have to be in the pictures. The answer is no. If you are the shy type, or just don’t want your picture plastered over the internet, you don’t have to send a pic with you in it. If you are at lunch with a friend, just send a pic of lunch or the rose you bought, or the music you’re dancing to. Don’t forget to submit your pictures to win the one-of-a-kind prize! And a letter from Rob and Victoria! 🙂

Full Game Details here: