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March 16, 2015


A few of you have emailed me about the kisses in the Sweet Dreams and Anime Girl books. I’ve always loved the “new love” act of kissing. I love watching it, experiencing it, and reading about it.

Ashley wrote to say, “Emmy, I love love love reading Cynthia and Derek making out. Since they haven’t actually done it, it makes it that much more exciting. Don’t get me wrong, I love love love reading about Victoria and Rob, but they have other things going on that makes kissing just something leading to something more.”

Ashley, I agree. The first time kiss, or the hot, new relationship kiss is one of the joys in life that can’t be fully described, but we as authors try!

Shawna said, “Ian! Who is this guy? Can you deliver him to my house pls? Cyn and Ian’s hot kissing is making me so jealous. Damned CYN! Why does she get all the hot ones?” 

Hehehe Shawna. If I could send you Ian, I would, hon. Ian was a pop-out character. One of those guys that just begs to be written about, right? I don’t think Cynthia really knew what she was doing there, but man, it made for a great distraction after Derek’s “Flying Solo” comment.

Kate said, “Have you ever thought about making a list of how many kisses your characters kiss? I bet it’s alot!”

Well, Kate, your wish is my command. Now I have a new page on this site posting the KissCounts♥ of all the published books, with more to come. I’ve also posted some other books and movies. If you’d like to add your KissCount♥ to this page, just email me. It can be your own book, a book you love, or even a movie! Come on, you know you have that favorite movie that you know all the words (and kisses) to. Send it in to help build the page so all of us can see what your favorite KissCounts♥ are.

Check out the full list of KissCounts♥ (constantly updated) here: KissCounts♥