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March 2, 2014

Sweet Dreams 4: Undecided, Chapter 9

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undecidedIn Chapter 9, Cynthia finds solace in James fitting into her future as Victoria deals with a makeover by Ty. Meanwhile, Raul has something he needs to tell Vic, but will he have the courage to do it?

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Voices by: Emmy Z. Madrigal, J. Malcolm Stewart, and Kirk Warrington.

Theme song, “Single Girls”written by Laura Jansen, preformed by Marinda Wijnen.

February 20, 2014

Winner of the Sweet Dreams Game – One of a Kind Victoria’s Songbook!

vicbookI am proud to announce the winner of the Sweet Dreams Game is…

Renee from Seattle!!!

Congratulations Renee!!

Please send me your mailing address via email to: so I can send you the ONE OF A KIND Sweet Dreams collectible… Victoria’s Songbook.

How did she win? Renee played the Sweet Dreams Game and sent me a photographic timeline. See some of her photos below.

Now that’s one dedicated Sweet Dreamer! Thanks to everyone who played and stay tuned for the next game, starting in December 2014.


Renee takes a brisk walk to feel the
cool wind on her skin.


Renee and her brother mark off their points
on the Sweet Dreams Game scorecard.


Taking a page from Cynthia’s book,
Renee apologizes.


Renee has dinner with family for her birthday.


Renee and brother go for ice cream!


Renee eats Chinese with friends!

January 29, 2014

Sweet Dreams Game – The Results

You’ve all been hard at work playing the Sweet Dreams Game and now it’s time to find out

Which Sweet Dreams Character you are most like!

Check your game score against the tally and see which character you most resemble.

Submit your pictures of the game or game score to to be entered into the drawing for the one-of-a-kind prize by February 14th! You could own Victoria’s lyric songbook!

35 points and up 


Not only do you strive for true love, you have the high class tastes and panache to pull off even the most luxuriant love affair. Like Rob, you take charge and plan everything. You think that perfection is not an unattainable goal. Be careful of those you love. Of course you want to protect and spoil them, but sometimes they may want to plan a weekend. Let them and you’ll have more fun than you can imagine.

25-34 points


You’re the type of romantic person who may not always have the cash to be extravagant, but always make it special. Like Victoria, you don’t mind where you are as long as you are there with someone you love. You dream of true love and will most likely have it, as long as you don’t let your own self doubt ruin it.

15-24 points


You can see the beauty in being in love, even if you can’t always enjoy it yourself. Like Cynthia, you tend to stand back and wait for the rose to bloom rather than rush in before the bud has had time to blossom. However, if inspired by the right person, you have a tendency to get too hot too quick and cut yourself on the thorns.

11-14 POINTS


Injured by love, you strive to make you way back to the person who believed in that one true love. So, he/she wasn’t the one? Like Derek, you need to learn to accept that person wasn’t right for you and move on to someone who is. Your new love, who helps heal your broken heart, might need some healing too.



Alright, so you’re not much on follow through, so what. You’ve got a great attitude and you’re fun to be around. You played, and that’s all that matters. Love to you is fun and should stay that way. Like Greg, you don’t let yourself be bogged down by rules and guidelines. Let the love in your life be expressed through music, art, or literature and you will be just as happy.



You’ve been crushed by love, and really, you don’t have time or energy to spend on some dumb game. Like Raul, you’ll stand on the sidelines and watch your friends enjoy life as you nurse your still bleeding heart. As long as they know you’re there for them in tough times, you can nurse your crush. But be careful. Sometimes your lackadaisical attitude can make people think you don’t care about them and you may end up with no one at all.

For entertainment purposes only. Graphics by

January 27, 2014


PLAY ALONG! Get your Sweet Dreams Game Card Here

Sweet Dreams Game Tasks:

Jan 27th
+1 point Make a promise to someone you care about.
+1 extra point: Go to an amusement park. (And don’t get kidnapped)

On January 27th, Victoria is terrorized by a guy from her past.

“You better work this time damnit, I’m warning you!” Victoria said to her cell phone as she dialed Derek’s number.  Hands shaking severely, she felt as if she would drop the phone, but luckily she kept both hands on it and tried to relax by placing her cheek on the cool stall wall.

“D,” Derek answered.

“Derek!” Victoria screamed, probably louder than she should have since she was in a woman’s bathroom stall.  Her voice echoed through the whole place.

“Vicki?  Is that you?  Hey how you doing?”  He sounded in high spirits and she could hear him calling for Cynthia.

“I’m fine, could I speak to Cynthia please?”  Victoria was trying to sound very calm and collected but wasn’t sure if she was achieving that goal.

“Vic?”  Victoria heard Cynthia say from the other end of the phone.

“Oh my god!  Cyn!  I am so glad to hear your voice!”  Victoria squealed.

“What’s wrong?” Cynthia asked.

“Cyn-” Victoria had waited all day and night to tell someone what was going on and now that she had the chance, she was speechless.  Feeling as if she would cry, she took a deep breath and began to speak.  “Something bad is happening Cyn.  I need to come see you as soon as possible.  Where are you?”

“Are you alright Vicki?  What’s the matter?”  Cynthia asked concerned.

“Please, don’t make me explain.  I just need to come to you and Derek and then maybe I’ll be safe or we can fix it or something.  I don’t know, I’m not sure what to do!  Where are you?”  Victoria asked.

“We’re at a restaurant across from the Riverboat Ride.  It has a shaded eating area.  Is Rob with you?”  Cynthia asked.

“No.  And listen, if you see him or any of his friends, turn the other way.  Act like you didn’t see them.  If you have to talk to them, don’t say anything about talking to me all right?  I don’t want you and Derek to be in danger.  I’m absolutely serious about that.  Don’t go with them and don’t tell them we talked.  I will be there as soon as I can.”  Victoria came out of the stall and tried to remember which way it was from the bathroom to where her friend was.

We’ve reached the end of our game, now total up your score and watch for the next post, which will tell you just exactly what type of Sweet Dreams Fan you are! Don’t forget to send in a photo of you and/or friends doing one of the tasks and email pictures to: by January 27th (that’s today!).

You could be the GRAND PRIZE WINNER and receive Victoria Knox’s very own lyric song notebook. Good Luck!

January 26, 2014


PLAY ALONG! Get your Sweet Dreams Game Card Here

Sweet Dreams Game Tasks:

Jan 26th
+1 point Try something new.
+1 extra point: Attend a hockey game, go to a museum, or ride on a boat.

On January 26th, Cynthia and Derek spend time together exploring different sites in Los Angeles.

“Hope you like this.  If not, we can bail,” Derek said, getting out of the limo.

Tank motioned that the coast was clear and led them to a back door of a bland looking building.  When Cynthia stepped in, she could tell they were at a museum.  The smell was the same as at her mother’s work.

“Mr. Montgomery, what a pleasure to meet you!  Thank you for coming to our museum.”  The curator held out her hand to greet him and Cynthia.  “Miss, I hope you find our facility adequate.”

Cynthia took the lady’s hand and shook, smiling bashfully.  She had never had someone treat her like a star before.

“If you would like a tour, I would be happy to oblige,” the curator offered.

Derek turned to Cynthia for guidance and when she shook her head ‘no’ and stared off into the museum as if she could not wait to tackle it, he knew what the answer would be.


January 25, 2014


PLAY ALONG! Get your Sweet Dreams Game Card Here

Sweet Dreams Game Tasks:

Jan 25th
+1 point Plan a trip.
+1 extra point: Eat dinner with friends.

On January 25th, Rob surprises Victoria with not only some good news, but a celebratory dinner party with her friends.

When Rob pulled into the parking lot of Louie’s,Victoria’s favorite restaurant in town, she grinned.

“How’d you know?” Victoria asked.

“You told me your favorite restaurant was an Italian place downtown.  This small downtown has only one.”

Victoria kissed him on the cheek.

When they walked into Louie’s, Victoria wondered where the waiters were.  The restaurant was completely empty.  Something she didn’t notice was that Rob allowed her to walk in front of him, which made sense when suddenly all of her friends jumped out and yelled ‘surprise!’

January 21, 2014


PLAY ALONG! Get your Sweet Dreams Game Card Here

Sweet Dreams Game Tasks:

Jan 21st
+1 point Wake up early and get out of the house at least 20 minutes before you need to.
+1 extra point: Buy a newspaper and read the entertainment section.

On January 21st, Victoria arrives at class early and finds her teacher is (for once) glad to see her.

 “Victoria!” Mr. Vogel smiled, opening the door and motioning for her to go in.

Victoria wondered why Mr. Vogel was happy to see her.  Usually, she was far from the top of his list.  She couldn’t imagine what had effected the change in him.

“Hi?” she replied, suspiciously.

“Don’t ‘Hi’ me, why didn’t you tell me?” he asked.

“Tell you what?” Victoria asked.  She set her backpack down as he pulled out a newspaper.

“Imagine my surprise when I am relaxing yesterday, reading the entertainment section of the Chronicle and I see this.” He pointed to an article titled ‘Performers To Watch’ wedged in between the ballet show times and the announcement of a new play.  Confused, she read down a ways where she saw her name.

Speaking of lovely ladies, be on the lookout for up-and-coming jazz vocalist, Victoria Knox, high school senior by day, soulful songbird by night.  Having wowed two major parties in the last month, Malloy’s Ad Bash on New Year’s Eve and The Silverton’s party on January fifth, she is quickly becoming a real candidate for The Baxter Awards.  Those reportedly impressed?  None other than the croon-master himself Jim Sutherland and young jazz man Oliver Butler. 

Her manager and current squeeze, Robert Malloy, had this to say, “Victoria’s voice is captivating.  When people hear it, they stand in awe.”  When asked what her plans were, he was less than candid.  “She has many options,” says Malloy, “we haven’t accepted anything just yet.”  Malloy is handling all booking.  Robert Malloy is son of Ad giant William Malloy, who’s firm, Malloy Inc., has handled all of the biggest entertainment and athletic stars since the mid-sixties.  Miss Knox may be first to benefit from a rumored Malloy Inc. expansion coming to San Francisco. Supposedly Miss Knox recently recorded her first demo and in the words of those that have heard it, the sound is timeless.

Dumbfounded,Victoria stood staring at the article.  She couldn’t believe her name was in the newspaper.  Glancing up at Mr. Vogel, she smiled, gloating a bit in the wonderful glow of recognition.

“Can I borrow this real quick?” Victoria asked, walking towards the door before he could answer.

January 19, 2014


PLAY ALONG! Get your Sweet Dreams Game Card Here

Sweet Dreams Game Tasks:

Jan 19th
+1 point Take a walk to let off some steam.
+1 extra point: Say you’re sorry to someone you hurt.

On January 19th, Victoria and Cynthia are at a party.

Suddenly the door behind Victoria burst open and her friend Raul stormed out, his brow furrowed over dark eyes.

“Raul, what now?” Victoria asked, as he marched past her onto the lawn.

“Nothing,” Raul said and kept walking in fierce, quick steps.

“Yeah right.”  She sped after him.

Raul was a few feet taller than Victoria and his long legs made it a difficult task to keep up with him. He finally stopped when they were two blocks away from Cynthia’s house and the fog had them completely surrounded.  Raul’s breath came out in big white puffs as he paced.

“What is it?” Victoria asked again, hoping she could help him with whatever was troubling him.

“Why didn’t you tell me about your new boyfriend?  You didn’t trust me?” Raul asked.

Victoria turned from him, taking a deep breath. “It wasn’t that, I just-” She couldn’t think when Raul glared at her with his brutal Latin eyes as if she had betrayed him in some way.  “I thought you’d make fun of me, of him.”


“Well? Raul, you make fun of everyone who has money and I thought you’d make fun of him and rather than begin to hate you because of it, I didn’t bring it up,” Victoria explained.

“You don’t know me.  You don’t know anything about me!” he yelled, backing up slowly.  “Stay the fuck outta my life, I never wanna see you again!”

Raul was out of sight before Victoria could even grasp what he said. Tears streamed down Victoria’s face, but she didn’t make a sound.  Her heart was beating fast and she couldn’t move.  Slowly, as her breathing began to return to normal, she walked back towards Cynthia’s house and into the elementary school playground that was across the street.

January 17, 2014

Sweet Dreams 4: Undecided, Chapter 8

undecidedIn Chapter 8, Cynthia enjoys dinner with the Dows and a late night walk with James. She arrives back at Victoria’s in time to have angry words with Raul before catching some shut-eye. Greg asks Victoria to sing at an upcoming gig with his band, Never Open.

More information at

Voices by: Emmy Z. Madrigal, J. Malcolm Stewart.

Theme song, “Single Girls”written by Laura Jansen, preformed by Marinda Wijnen.

January 13, 2014

SWEET DREAMS GAME: extra 3 points!

PLAY ALONG! Get your Sweet Dreams Game Card Here

Get extra points in the Sweet Dreams Game by completing these tasks:

+3 extra point: Leave a review on the Sweet Dreams page
+3 extra point: Leave a review on the Sweet Dreams, Star Struck, or True Love iTunes page
+3 extra point: Leave a review on the Sweet Dreams, Star Struck, or True Love Podiobooks page