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March 24, 2016

YA Podcast Interview with Emmy Z. Madrigal

SweetDreamsCoverHiya all you Sweet Dreamers! I recently had the pleasure of chatting with fellow YA author, Philip Carroll on his podcast YA Books Podcast.

Click below to hear the interview where we talk about books, podcasting, and all that lovey dovey stuff!

To listen to more YA authors talk about their work, go to:

February 5, 2015

Happy Valentine’s Day Sweet Dreamers!

Valentine’s Day is coming soon, Sweet Dreamers! In celebration of the special event, I have a Sweet Dreams Fun Quiz for you. Answer the questions below and keep track of how many you get in each category (A, B, C, etc…). When you’re done, check the chart below to see which Sweet Dreams character you are most like.

  1. On Valentine’s Day, you’d like to…
    1. Take your love on an all-expense paid weekend trip to Napa wine country.
    2. Spend the time with your loved one, no matter where that might be.
    3. Hanging out with friends would be cool, but you aren’t expecting much.
    4. Take your love to a nice romantic dinner and then night on the town.
    5. Rock out at the nearest anti-Valentine’s Day night club.
    6. Valentine’s Day sucks. Leave me alone.
  2. When picking out a Valentine’s Day gift for your love, you…
    1. Buy the most beautiful piece of jewelry you can find, with your love in mind. Price is no object.
    2. Homemade cards and lots of kisses are better than things you can’t afford.
    3. Don’t really do gifts. You might buy them a drink if they’re lucky.
    4. Whatever they want, they can choose.
    5. Write them a song.
    6. Valentine’s Day sucks. Leave me alone.
  3. Who is your perfect Valentine?
    1. A beautiful person with amazing talents.
    2. The love of my dreams
    3. My favorite singer.
    4. Someone who likes me for me.
    5. Someone who likes to have fun.
    6. Someone who leaves me alone.
  4. What would you like to get from your Sweetheart?
    1. A night together alone.
    2. Just being with them would be enough.
    3. Surprise me.
    4. Makeout session.
    5. Guitar Center gift certificate.
    6. Cash.
  5. I want a stuffed…
    1. Not quite sure I need anything stuffed, thank you.
    2. Giant bear.
    3. Bell pepper. Those are good.
    4. Huh?
    5. Guitar.
    6. Wallet
  6. Your Valentine’s Day song.
    1. “Give me a Kiss to Build a Dream On” ~ Louis Armstrong
    2. “I Can’t Give You Anything but Love” ~Ella Fitzgerald
    3. “Will You Love me Tomorrow?” ~Carole King
    4. “I’ll Make Love to You” ~ Boys II Men
    5. “Punk Rock Girl” ~ The Dead Milkmen
    6. “Anything, Anything” ~ Dramarama
  7. The most romantic location to have that special kiss.
    1. In bed.
    2. Under the stars.
    3. A location on the body I can’t talk about.
    4. Somewhere the press won’t hound us.
    5. Backstage
    6. Any place where we can take it further.
  8. The perfect date ends with….
    1. Breakfast the next morning.
    2. Cuddling.
    3. Nice kiss to tie me over.
    4. Promise to meet again.
    5. Why does it have to end? Come back to my place.
    6. Leaving alone.
  9. Your love life would make a perfect…
    1. Instruction manual.
    2. Romance novel.
    3. Disaster flick.
    4. Headline.
    5. Thriller.
    6. Horror film.
  10. If you couldn’t spend Valentine’s Day with your love, you would…
    1. Make it up later in a big way.
    2. Cry, eat ice cream, and talk on the phone.
    3. Just like any other lonely Saturday night.
    4. Send flowers.
    5. Write a rock ballad.
    6. Get drunk.

Mostly A


Not only do you strive for true love, you have the high class tastes and panache to pull off even the most luxuriant love affair. Like Rob, you take charge and plan everything. You think that perfection is not an unattainable goal. Be careful of those you love. Of course you want to protect and spoil them, but sometimes they may want to plan a weekend. Let them and you’ll have more fun than you can imagine.

Mostly B


You’re the type of romantic person who may not always have the cash to be extravagant, but always make it special. Like Victoria, you don’t mind where you are as long as you are there with someone you love. You dream of true love and will most likely have it, as long as you don’t let your own self doubt ruin it.

Mostly C


You can see the beauty in being in love, even if you can’t always enjoy it yourself. Like Cynthia, you tend to stand back and wait for the rose to bloom rather than rush in before the bud has had time to blossom. However, if inspired by the right person, you have a tendency to get too hot too quick and cut yourself on the thorns.

Mostly D


Injured by love, you strive to make you way back to the person who believed in that one true love. So, he/she wasn’t the one? Like Derek, you need to learn to accept that person wasn’t right for you and move on to someone who is. Your new love, who helps heal your broken heart, might need some healing too.

Mostly E


Alright, so you’re not much on follow through, so what. You’ve got a great attitude and you’re fun to be around. You played, and that’s all that matters. Love to you is fun and should stay that way. Like Greg, you don’t let yourself be bogged down by rules and guidelines. Let the love in your life be expressed through music, art, or literature and you will be just as happy.

Mostly F


You’ve been crushed by love, and really, you don’t have time or energy to spend on some dumb game. Like Raul, you’ll stand on the sidelines and watch your friends enjoy life as you nurse your still bleeding heart. As long as they know you’re there for them in tough times, you can nurse your crush. But be careful. Sometimes your lackadaisical attitude can make people think you don’t care about them and you may end up with no one at all.

Have a great Valentine’s Day!

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December 30, 2014

31 DAYS of Giveaways – Dec 30th

SD31daysEver wonder what a Sweet Dreams rough draft looks like? Now here is your chance to own one of Emmy’s handwritten rough drafts. Not only is it a glimpse into Emmy’s first ideas, mistakes, and corrections, but this is a page from a new novel that hasn’t even hit the shelves yet.



*~*Receive a signed, handwritten rough draft of a Sweet Dreams novel*~*

Send an email and snail mail address to:

Subject Line: ROUGH DRAFT


1 Available – drawing.

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December 29, 2014

31 DAYS of Giveaways – Dec 29th


Have you done something bad that you need to apologize for? Let Victoria Knox apologize for you. No one can stay mad at Vic, so if you need a really big apology, let Vic do it. If Vic can’t cheer them up, no one can.


*~*Receive a handwritten letter of apology from Victoria*~*


*your snail mail address

*your friends smail address

*what you did that you are sorry for

*any special message you’d like included in the apology


Subject Line: Apology LETTER


3 Available – drawing.

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December 28, 2014

31 DAYS of Giveaways – Dec 28th

SD31daysHave you read all three of the print versions of Emmy’s Sweet Dreams Series yet? Here is your chance to get a PDF of your choice. Choose one of the 3 books.



*~*Receive a PDF of Sweet Dreams novel*~*

Send an email and book choice to:

Subject Line: SD PDF


3 Available – First come, first serve.

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December 26, 2014

31 DAYS of Giveaways – Dec 26th



*~*Listen to the entire 4th book below. FREE*~*

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undecidedUndecided (#4)

by Emmy Z. Madrigal

Listen to Undecided chapters below.

In Undecided, Cynthia Porter is dealing with much more than any high school girl should be asked to withstand. She’s at odds with her current love interest, famous boy bander Derek Montgomery. Her mother is verbally abusive and violent, pushing Cynthia out of the house. Her best friend can’t even console her, since she’s recovering from a bad weekend injury. Living out of a gym bag, Cynthia stays with any friends who will take her in, but things don’t make her life any easier when she starts hooking up with random guys.

Victoria Knox, recovering from her kidnapping injury, finds her boyfriend can’t stop blaming himself for letting her get hurt. She just wants to put the whole mess behind her and get on with her singing career.

There’s only six more months to the freedom of graduation. Can the girls make it without losing their way?

Voices by: Emmy Z. Madrigal, Kirk Warrington, Camellia Rains, Kate Wade,  J. Malcom Stewart, Heather Roulo.

Theme song, “Single Girls” written by Laura Jansen, preformed by Marinda Wijnen.


Never Open songs provided by Brad Wait.
“Without You”
All songs © 2010 by Brad Wait.

Chapter 1: [audio]

Cynthia skips school, Victoria stays home with Rob.

Chapter 2: [audio]

Cynthia spends the day at Greg’s house. She sees a news report where Derek says he’s single. Jumping to conclusions, she gets herself in trouble with Greg’s new drummer.

Chapter 3: [audio]

Cynthia gets in another fight with mom and heads to Greg’s where she gets herself in trouble with the biggest gossip in school.

Chapter 4: [audio]

Victoria braves school with a giant shiner and learns Sarah has been spreading rumors about her. At The Shop later, Victoria makes a new acquaintance she doesn’t want.

Chapter 5: [audio]

Raul catches up with old friends, whether he likes it or not. Cynthia struggles with her infatuation with Ian. Raul remembers why he spends most night’s at Greg’s.

Chapter 6: [audio]

Victoria worries about Cynthia as Cynthia decides on her future and gets a surprise from her past.

Chapter 7: [audio]

Victoria and Cynthia endure school. After school, Raul learns what Bianca really wants and Victoria tells him what happened in L.A.

Chapter 8: [audio]

Cynthia enjoys dinner with the Dows and a late night walk with James. She arrives back at Victoria’s in time to have angry words with Raul before catching some shut-eye. Greg asks Victoria to sing at an upcoming gig with his band, Never Open.

Chapter 9: [audio]

Cynthia finds solace in James fitting into her future as Victoria deals with a makeover by Ty. Meanwhile, Raul has something he needs to tell Vic, but will he have the courage to do it?

Chapter 10: [audio]

Cynthia and James discuss their future. Victoria practices music with Never Open and Raul walks her home.

Chapter 11: [audio]

Victoria and Cynthia discuss James. Victoria gives Cynthia a note to help her decide her love future. Raul leaves campus to get high.

Chapter 12: [audio]

Victoria, Cynthia, and the gang travel to a neighboring town to attend a Never Open gig at Alaster’s. Victoria sings with Never Open, Raul reveals his feelings, and Cynthia gets carried away backstage with Ian.

Chapter 13- End: [audio]

Rob is woken early Saturday morning with good news. Cynthia goes home and has a heart-to-heart with her dad.

December 23, 2014

31 DAYS of Giveaways – Dec 23rd


Abby Tanaka is the creator of the fastest selling manga series on the market, Shuttle 5. She’s been scribbling in her notebook since before she could talk and now it’s a full-time job. In the midst of her busy schedule, she’s going to send one Sweet Dreamer a gift!



*~*Receive a Holiday GIFT from Abby Tanaka *~*

Send your name and snail mail address to:

Subject Line: ABBY GIFT


1 Available – Picked by drawing.

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December 22, 2014

31 DAYS of Giveaways – Dec 22nd


Rob Malloy… ah… Victoria’s fantasy come to life. And perhaps yours? Get a piece of Rob this season by writing in for your very own Rob Malloy business card.


*~*Receive a Rob Malloy business card*~*

Send snail mail address to:

Subject Line: ROB CARD


5 Available – drawing.

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December 21, 2014

31 DAYS of Giveaways – Dec 21st

SD31daysHave you read Emmy’s Anime Girl 2 yet? Well here is your chance to get a free PDF copy.

AG2FinalAnime Girl 2

by Emmy Z. Madrigal

Now available for download at:

Bestselling manga author, Abby Tanaka, is in love with her talent manager, Chase. It’s been three weeks since they met for the first time at an anime conference in Los Angeles. Now, she’s travelling to San Francisco for another con, and plans to have a weekend of romance with Chase. As of yet, they have only kissed, but Abby has drawn a few places their relationship could go.

Arriving at the hotel early seems like a good idea, but when Abby finds out Chase will be spending most of the weekend catering to sexy SciFi movie star, Tosh James, all her plans for a romantic weekend go down the drain. Not only is Tosh every girlfriend’s worst nightmare, but her wicked charms and low-cut outfits threaten to make Chase forget Abby altogether.

Will Abby lose the man of her dreams to the sultry Tosh? Or will her character Emiko inspire her to win him back?


*~*Receive a PDF of Anime Girl 2*~*

Send an email to:

Subject Line: AG2 PDF


5 Available – First come, first serve.

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December 19, 2014

31 DAYS of Giveaways – Dec 19th


Victoria is a music lover and experiencing for the first time in her life the success she’s dreamed about. Do you wonder what’s in her excited little head? Receive an letter from her and find out!


*~*Receive a handwritten letter from Victoria Knox*~*


*snail mail address

*up to 5 questions you’d like answered




5 Available – drawing.

Come back tomorrow to see what other giveaways are available!