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February 22, 2021

New Book: Song of Light by Sandra Saidak


My friend Sandy has a new book out I thought you might enjoy.  What a beautiful cover! Who can resist music, magic, and adventure?


Song of Light by Sandra Saidak

Fleeing a cursed land, Salia finds salvation in a world of magic. But she must fight to save her new home from the impending dark forces that threaten to consume it.

Sold into servitude by her father to settle his debts with a brutal innkeeper, Salia dreams of a better life. Desperate for a way out, she finds her escape in a portal to another world… a world where magic still flourishes.

Welcomed by a band of wildlings into a land of eternal childhood, time passes happily, until the injury of one of her friends forces Salia to seek help at the temple of healing. There she meets Alyssa, an elven warrior princess who encourages Salia to explore the wider world with her.

As Salia embraces her exciting new life of adventure, she is able to grow and blossom. A sense of belonging and acceptance fills her with the belief that she’s found her true home in the elf kingdom of Evintyr.

But the Darkness, an evil force that drained Salia’s former world of magic, now threatens her new home with the same fate. As Salia finds herself thrust into a race to save this new world, can she prevent it from falling victim to a similar destiny?

Author’s note:

I’ve loved escaping into other worlds for as long as I can remember.  Sometimes, through movies, books and songs, I found worlds created by others.  Sometimes, I created them myself.

The upside of this quirk was two ready-made careers.  The first is teaching high school English so I could share my passion for stories with the people I believe need it the most: teenagers.  The second is writing, so I could share the worlds I created with everyone.

While not all my fantasy life centers on history, all of my early writing did, probably because of the huge impact Jean Auel and her Earth’s Children series had on me.  Despite the rich niche of prehistoric fiction, I couldn’t get enough of it.  More properly, I couldn’t find the exact story I wanted to read.

So, I wrote it.  And in 2011, published Daughter of the Goddess Lands, Book 1 in my Kalie’s Journey series.  I added alternative history with From the Ashes and That This Nation Might Live, and historical fantasy with The Seal Queen.

This year, I am taking the plunge into epic fantasy, with Songs of Light, and for the first time, indulging my passion for ballads and folk songs, and the healing power of music.

When not writing, I enjoy dancing, music, attending science fiction conventions and hearing from my readers