Lost Angels, Oral Fixated

Hey Sweet Dreamers! Here’s a nice little post about Kiss Counts from my friend, Loren Rhoads.

Romance novelist Emmy Z. Madrigal invited me to read through of my succubus/angel novel Lost Angels and do a Kiss Count. She wanted to know how many kisses, how many graphic sex scenes, and how many F2B (Fade to Black, like sex on broadcast TV) scenes there were. I thought it would be fun to read through Lost Angels to find out.

Wow, was I surprised. Lost Angels came in with 46 instances of kissing. That doesn’t actually count each of the individual kisses, because I only counted the feverish kisses and little nips as one kiss each. I knew the book was obsessed with kissing, but I had no idea.

Here’s the description of two of my favorites:

“I’ll show you mercy,” Azaziel threatened, looming over her suddenly. Lorelei whimpered—it wasn’t entirely feigned—but there was nowhere to go to get away from him. The angel grasped her head in his palms and bent down over her. She felt his cool breath in her hair. His lips melted against her flushed forehead. Sweet angelic compassion washed over her.

Lorelei collapsed as if her limbs were unstrung. The lingering pain in her head vanished, but the kindness of his grace turned to terror in her chest. She tried to remember how to breathe. She thought he’d killed her.

“Fuck your compassion, Angel,” she snarled weakly.

He laughed, the first truly amused laugh she’d heard from him. He stroked the hair from the succubus’s face. “You’re all right, Lorelei.”

As he said it, it was true. She drew a deep, shuddering breath. “That was one hell of a kiss, Aza.”

“Glad you liked it.”

She dropped her gaze and put just the right amount of hesitation into her voice. “Can I have another one?”

When his lips brushed her cheekbone, she turned her face into his. Their lips met. A spark passed between them, magnified as it traveled. They both jumped. He pulled away just a fraction.

Lorelei yearned toward him. Weakness trembled in her muscles. Aza couldn’t resist that. He supported her in his arms.

Using all her guile, Lorelei pressed her mouth into his. His compassion flowed into her again, but now that she was prepared, it didn’t paralyze her. She felt it swirl down into her body, curling smoky tendrils around her heart.

Deep in her hips, though, was the unquenchable fire of who she was, the lust that drove her. Raising that power up the ladder of her spine, she focused it as finely as a laser into her kiss.

In the days before the Flood, Azaziel had been a Watcher, sent down to help God’s creatures on Earth. He fell in love with one of Cain’s granddaughters and he rescued her from the Flood. They passed her mortal life in bliss. Now he’s imprisoned in the Los Angeles basin. His angelic brethren, Heaven’s misfits, don’t understand the longing Aza feels: once he had been loved entirely for himself.

The succubus Lorelei doesn’t know any of this when she sets her sights on Azaziel. All she knows is that the angel’s fall will bring glory to Hell and acclaim to any succubus who accomplishes it.

Of course, it never occurs to Lorelei that Azaziel might try to tame her by possessing her with a mortal girl’s soul. Can the succubus find an exorcist before the angel’s love changes her forever?

Lost Angels is a complex novel that could be called paranormal romance but it also works as horror and erotica even though the sex scenes aren’t over the top like some erotica books I’ve read. The best part of the book was the characters. Since Lorelei is a succubus that has works for Hell, you expect her to be an evil character. In reality she is a sympathetic character that I liked quite a bit. I felt that she was much more compassionate than Azaziel. I would have thought that Azaziel would be the ultimate good but you quickly find that he is more of a shade of grey. None of these characters acts like you think they would act and the lines between good and evil are blurred.” — HorrorAddicts.net

Ordering information for Lost Angels:

For the Kindle or in paperback from Amazon.

In paperback from IndieBound or Bookshop.org.

From Barnes & Noble for the Nook or in paperback.

From Smashwords as a mobi, epub, or PDF.

Or order signed copies of both books in the
series directly from Loren:

Loren Rhoads is the co-author (with Brian Thomas) of Lost Angels and Angelus Rose. Her succubus stories have appeared in the books Sins of the Sirens, Demon Lovers, and Unsafe Words. You can get a behind-the-scenes peak into the secret lifes of her angels and devils in As Above, So Below: Behind the Books, available for free on Bookfunnel: https://BookHip.com/KHJFPA

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