Emmy on Music Inspiring Fiction, Last Lullaby

Emmy, writing as Emerian Rich in the horror anthology, Crescendo of Darkness.

“Last Lullaby” by Emerian Rich

An opera diva is haunted by a dangerous secret which threatens to end her career and her life.

I was seventeen when I saw my first Broadway production. Our choir class sponsored a trip to Los Angeles to perform at a university-sponsored choral event and see the production of The Phantom of the Opera, my favorite musical. It was a trip of firsts. The first time riding on a luxury bus, the first time I’d performed on a real stage, and the first time I’d sat in a theatre seat.

When the lights dimmed and the music began, it was a surreal moment. My heart pounded hard in my chest, like the drumming of the enormous timpani drums. I stared through my borrowed binoculars at the stage and the costumes, candles, and fog consumed me. I was lucky enough to see the original cast with Michael Crawford as the Phantom and Sarah Brightman as Christine. Tears collected in my eyes as the performers sang the beautiful music because I was hearing greatness—live. But also because I wanted so badly to be a part of their world. What a stunning, horrific, lovely, dramatic world where anything could happen.

In my short story “Last Lullaby,” Claire has the same yearning to be included in this magical world. She is an opera chorus girl when fate—or perhaps something more sinister—rockets her into diva-hood. For a girl such as her, who loves music with her whole being, what will happen when the gift is ripped from her? Will she survive? Or will she put her life at stake to sing one last time?

Find in this Phantom retelling, “Last Lullaby” in Crescendo of Darkness. Sometimes, it’s better to travel the hard road to gain respect than to make a deal with a demon.


Music has the power to soothe the soul, drive people to obsession, and soundtrack evil plots. Is music the instigator of madness, or the key that unhinges the psychosis within? From guitar lessons in a graveyard and a baby allergic to music, to an infectious homicidal demo and melancholy tunes in a haunted lighthouse, Crescendo of Darkness will quench your thirst for horrifying audio fiction.

HorrorAddicts.net is proud to present fourteen tales of murderous music, demonic performers, and cursed audiophiles.

 Crescendo of Darkness

Direct link: https://www.amazon.com/Crescendo-Darkness-Jeremiah-Donaldson/dp/1987708156

Edited by Jeremiah Donaldson

Cover by Carmen Masloski

HorrorAddicts.net Press


Let music unlock your fear within.

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