New Year Update, 2017

Some good news for Sweet Dreams readers.
1.) More One More Try coming.
2.) A new short story feat. Greg.
3.) A new spin-off series called First Love.
Read more below. 🙂

emz unplugged

Biters, Sweet Dreamers, Readers and Listeners,

2016 was happily waved goodbye by many of us. I was equally glad to see it go. 2017 promises to be a better and more productive for me, I hope! Many of you have sent get well notes to me because of my foot injury and subsequent two months in a wheelchair. Well, I am happy to report all your well wishes and prayers have finally sunk in! I am now walking in a boot and hope to soon be able to walk/drive again. 🙂

Despite my ailment, life goes on and so has my writing. My most exciting news bit is the publication of Lord Harrington’s Lost Doe, my first foray into Regency Romance. I’ve got some other new reading, a little podcast listening and much more for you. For all of you emailing to ask about your favorite series, I hope this…

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