31 DAYS of Giveaways – Dec 21st

SD31daysHave you read Emmy’s Anime Girl 2 yet? Well here is your chance to get a free PDF copy.

AG2FinalAnime Girl 2

by Emmy Z. Madrigal

Now available for download at:

Bestselling manga author, Abby Tanaka, is in love with her talent manager, Chase. It’s been three weeks since they met for the first time at an anime conference in Los Angeles. Now, she’s travelling to San Francisco for another con, and plans to have a weekend of romance with Chase. As of yet, they have only kissed, but Abby has drawn a few places their relationship could go.

Arriving at the hotel early seems like a good idea, but when Abby finds out Chase will be spending most of the weekend catering to sexy SciFi movie star, Tosh James, all her plans for a romantic weekend go down the drain. Not only is Tosh every girlfriend’s worst nightmare, but her wicked charms and low-cut outfits threaten to make Chase forget Abby altogether.

Will Abby lose the man of her dreams to the sultry Tosh? Or will her character Emiko inspire her to win him back?


*~*Receive a PDF of Anime Girl 2*~*

Send an email to:


Subject Line: AG2 PDF


5 Available – First come, first serve.

Come back tomorrow to see what other giveaways are available!

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