Happy Halloween Sweet Dreamers!

That time is upon us again… Halloween! And everyone has that big question in their heads… What am I gonna be?

I am going to be a bat, but one of you Sweet Dreamers emailed me to help her with the dilemma.


I’m having a hard time deciding what to wear this year. I was wondering what Vicki and Rob would be dressed as for Halloween and are you ever going to have a Halloween party in your books?


Well Aubrey, thank you for the question. I never really thought about Halloween with the Sweet Dreams gang. The books start in December and since each book only covers like a week and sometimes less, I’ve only written about 4-5 months of Sweet Dreams storyline. However, your question has caused me to look at the characters in a different way and try to figure out what indeed, they would do on Halloween night. Here’s what I came up with.

Victoria: Victoria loves Halloween. She’s always liked the idea of dressing up in glamorous clothing and pretending she’s some diva from the 40’s. As a child, she’d dress like a rock star and teased her hair. Last year? She dressed as Rosemary Clooney in a long evening gown, hair done up in soft curls. Now that she really is a diva and has performed in front of an audience in fancy dresses and diamonds, she is debating. Should she go as a 20’s diva like Josephine Baker or a 70’s, “Skylark” Bette Midler?

orange tieRob: As a working man, Rob would be wearing a suit. Business stops for no man, even the headless kind! However, he would dress in the spirit by donning a black suit and fashionable orange tie. There will be no musical pumpkins or skulls on the tie, just a plain orange tie. If he is to attend a dance or party with Victoria, then he would dress to match. Perhaps a Rat Pack era suit.

Cynthia: Cyn’s birthday is October 25th, so no doubt they would be celebrating her birthday close to Halloween. However, Cyn’s never much been into all the costumes and stuff. When pressed to dress, she’d don her favorite hockey team’s jersey and put on some face wound tattoos.

Derek: Derek would be performing and his costume would be directed by their manager and stylist. If Ethan was a priest, Keith was King Kamehameha, Sonny was a vampire, and Jake was a gangster, that would probably mean Derek would have to be either a Top Gun pilot or a Gladiator. Which one do you think he would choose?

Anarchy-SymbolGreg: Always a bit out there, for Halloween, Greg gravitates to something close to his heart. Greg’s father is a military man and he rarely see him. Although Greg rebels against conformity 364 days of the year, Halloween is the time to embrace his father’s lifestyle and don a military outfit. Dressed in camos, his mohawk under a beret, he almost looks like he’d fit his dad’s vision of a perfect solider, ahem… I mean son. Course, war painting his face and adding some spikes and anarchy patches to the outfit doesn’t exactly paint the perfect son picture.

Raul: Raul dress for Halloween? Not happening. He’ll wear his everyday jeans and black concert T.

pinkkittySarah: Sarah dresses as she has since she was five. A pink kitty cat complete with pink leotard, tights, legwarmers, cat ear headband, and tail. No matter how many sexy innuendos Greg makes about her being a wild cat or making her meow all night… She maintains the “cute” and doesn’t think his jokes are funny in the least. The night usually ends with her leaving because he’s got his war paint on her pink leo.

Ty: Princess to the fullest, Ty takes this day to dress even more so. She has her princess dress especially tailored for her to look like one of the Disney Princesses each year. It all started when she went to the Disney Store as a child. Those polyester mock-ups inspired her to greatness. Last year she was Cinderella and this year… she’s planning Sleeping Beauty. Now if she can just decide… will the dress be pink or blue?

zombieBill: Although he’s supremely quiet most of the time, Bill loves Halloween. He’ll dress in something different ever year, but it is always a monster and always includes a mask. He’s been Jason, Freddy, Scream, and Predator. This year, he’s planning to scare the kids at his door with his zombie costume. None of his friends will see him, though. He is more comfortable staying home, watching monster movies, and handing out candy to all the little ghosts and goblins.

I hope this has helped Aubrey. If you decide to dress as one of the Sweet Dreams characters, send me a picture and remember… Whatever you dress as, have fun with it!


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