True Love?

Nice review from David @ The All Night Library.

The All Night Library

tlsmallThings are going great for Victoria. She has an awesome new boyfriend named Rob, The newspaper just ran a story about her singing career and thanks to Rob she is about to have her first recording session. In a short period of time her life has turned into a beautiful dream, but the past has a way of coming back to haunt us. Victoria is having nightmares of Rob sleeping with another woman. Rob hasn’t given her any reason for her to believe he’s cheating but Victoria had been raped in the past by her old boyfriend Steve and now finds it hard to trust another man. She is doing her best to deal with it, but she can never forget.

Victoria’s best friend Cynthia also has a new love interest named Derek and he happens to be a singer in one of the biggest boy bands in the country. Cynthia…

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