Listen to all your favorite Sweet Dreams chapters from the site!

As promised to Sweet Dreamer Shay, you can now listen to all the Sweet Dreams podcast episodes at one place…

At the top of the page, each book is listed. Just click on the book you wish to hear and you will see each chapter listed below along with a short description of what happens. (See graphic below for an example.)

A few of you have asked for a book timeline and I am working on it. For now, you have each chapter description, which should help. Soon you will be able to see a Sweet Dreams calendar, outlining what happens on each day along with your favorite character’s birthdays and special events!

Thank you for all the emails and notes about the Sweet Dreams Interactive San Francisco map  (located under the “Extras” tab) where you can see where your favorite character’s had that first kiss, took that romantic walk, or went sight-seeing. This was something I’ve been working on for awhile and I am happy you’ve enjoyed it. Please keep the locations coming. Have I missed a spot? Let me know.

Keep the great ideas coming Sweet Dreamers! I want to make the series as interactive as you’d like it!

Sweet Dreams,

~Emmy Z.



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