Sweet Dreams Updates!

Sweet Dreamers,

I hope you are having a most pleasant Spring. For those of you who’ve had severe weather, I hope it turns into a nice summer for you.

I have some exciting updates for Sweet Dreams readers/listeners. I’ve updated the word counts and statuses for each book in the series to the right. I am excited to announce that the Star Struck print book is ALMOST ready for publication. I thought it would be out before the end of March, but it’s looking like early April now. But it’s soon! True Love? is also coming soon, but is still being edited.

There is a new part of this site now. A tab called “Extras” above will take you to a list of extra content for the characters and books. I added some games you can play on your own and will be placing some sketches and other background info there. The coolest thing there right now is the Sweet Dreams interactive map of San Francisco. You can see where Cynthia and Derek had their first kiss, where Rob lives and works, and even get a glimpse into the unreleased book, One More Try.

I hope you enjoy this new content and please feel free to email or message me if there is something you would like to see on this extras page that is not there now.

Sweet Dreams,

Emmy ❤


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    Exciting new EXTRA’s page for all of you Sweet Dreamers.

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