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Sweet Dreams Game Tasks:

Jan 27th
+1 point Make a promise to someone you care about.
+1 extra point: Go to an amusement park. (And don’t get kidnapped)

On January 27th, Victoria is terrorized by a guy from her past.

“You better work this time damnit, I’m warning you!” Victoria said to her cell phone as she dialed Derek’s number.  Hands shaking severely, she felt as if she would drop the phone, but luckily she kept both hands on it and tried to relax by placing her cheek on the cool stall wall.

“D,” Derek answered.

“Derek!” Victoria screamed, probably louder than she should have since she was in a woman’s bathroom stall.  Her voice echoed through the whole place.

“Vicki?  Is that you?  Hey how you doing?”  He sounded in high spirits and she could hear him calling for Cynthia.

“I’m fine, could I speak to Cynthia please?”  Victoria was trying to sound very calm and collected but wasn’t sure if she was achieving that goal.

“Vic?”  Victoria heard Cynthia say from the other end of the phone.

“Oh my god!  Cyn!  I am so glad to hear your voice!”  Victoria squealed.

“What’s wrong?” Cynthia asked.

“Cyn-” Victoria had waited all day and night to tell someone what was going on and now that she had the chance, she was speechless.  Feeling as if she would cry, she took a deep breath and began to speak.  “Something bad is happening Cyn.  I need to come see you as soon as possible.  Where are you?”

“Are you alright Vicki?  What’s the matter?”  Cynthia asked concerned.

“Please, don’t make me explain.  I just need to come to you and Derek and then maybe I’ll be safe or we can fix it or something.  I don’t know, I’m not sure what to do!  Where are you?”  Victoria asked.

“We’re at a restaurant across from the Riverboat Ride.  It has a shaded eating area.  Is Rob with you?”  Cynthia asked.

“No.  And listen, if you see him or any of his friends, turn the other way.  Act like you didn’t see them.  If you have to talk to them, don’t say anything about talking to me all right?  I don’t want you and Derek to be in danger.  I’m absolutely serious about that.  Don’t go with them and don’t tell them we talked.  I will be there as soon as I can.”  Victoria came out of the stall and tried to remember which way it was from the bathroom to where her friend was.

We’ve reached the end of our game, now total up your score and watch for the next post, which will tell you just exactly what type of Sweet Dreams Fan you are! Don’t forget to send in a photo of you and/or friends doing one of the tasks and email pictures to: emmyzmadrigal@sbcglobal.net by January 27th (that’s today!).

You could be the GRAND PRIZE WINNER and receive Victoria Knox’s very own lyric song notebook. Good Luck!

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