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Sweet Dreams Game Tasks:

Jan 26th
+1 point Try something new.
+1 extra point: Attend a hockey game, go to a museum, or ride on a boat.

On January 26th, Cynthia and Derek spend time together exploring different sites in Los Angeles.

“Hope you like this.  If not, we can bail,” Derek said, getting out of the limo.

Tank motioned that the coast was clear and led them to a back door of a bland looking building.  When Cynthia stepped in, she could tell they were at a museum.  The smell was the same as at her mother’s work.

“Mr. Montgomery, what a pleasure to meet you!  Thank you for coming to our museum.”  The curator held out her hand to greet him and Cynthia.  “Miss, I hope you find our facility adequate.”

Cynthia took the lady’s hand and shook, smiling bashfully.  She had never had someone treat her like a star before.

“If you would like a tour, I would be happy to oblige,” the curator offered.

Derek turned to Cynthia for guidance and when she shook her head ‘no’ and stared off into the museum as if she could not wait to tackle it, he knew what the answer would be.


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