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Sweet Dreams Game Tasks:

Jan 21st
+1 point Wake up early and get out of the house at least 20 minutes before you need to.
+1 extra point: Buy a newspaper and read the entertainment section.

On January 21st, Victoria arrives at class early and finds her teacher is (for once) glad to see her.

 “Victoria!” Mr. Vogel smiled, opening the door and motioning for her to go in.

Victoria wondered why Mr. Vogel was happy to see her.  Usually, she was far from the top of his list.  She couldn’t imagine what had effected the change in him.

“Hi?” she replied, suspiciously.

“Don’t ‘Hi’ me, why didn’t you tell me?” he asked.

“Tell you what?” Victoria asked.  She set her backpack down as he pulled out a newspaper.

“Imagine my surprise when I am relaxing yesterday, reading the entertainment section of the Chronicle and I see this.” He pointed to an article titled ‘Performers To Watch’ wedged in between the ballet show times and the announcement of a new play.  Confused, she read down a ways where she saw her name.

Speaking of lovely ladies, be on the lookout for up-and-coming jazz vocalist, Victoria Knox, high school senior by day, soulful songbird by night.  Having wowed two major parties in the last month, Malloy’s Ad Bash on New Year’s Eve and The Silverton’s party on January fifth, she is quickly becoming a real candidate for The Baxter Awards.  Those reportedly impressed?  None other than the croon-master himself Jim Sutherland and young jazz man Oliver Butler. 

Her manager and current squeeze, Robert Malloy, had this to say, “Victoria’s voice is captivating.  When people hear it, they stand in awe.”  When asked what her plans were, he was less than candid.  “She has many options,” says Malloy, “we haven’t accepted anything just yet.”  Malloy is handling all booking.  Robert Malloy is son of Ad giant William Malloy, who’s firm, Malloy Inc., has handled all of the biggest entertainment and athletic stars since the mid-sixties.  Miss Knox may be first to benefit from a rumored Malloy Inc. expansion coming to San Francisco. Supposedly Miss Knox recently recorded her first demo and in the words of those that have heard it, the sound is timeless.

Dumbfounded,Victoria stood staring at the article.  She couldn’t believe her name was in the newspaper.  Glancing up at Mr. Vogel, she smiled, gloating a bit in the wonderful glow of recognition.

“Can I borrow this real quick?” Victoria asked, walking towards the door before he could answer.

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