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Sweet Dreams Game Tasks:

Jan 19th
+1 point Take a walk to let off some steam.
+1 extra point: Say you’re sorry to someone you hurt.

On January 19th, Victoria and Cynthia are at a party.

Suddenly the door behind Victoria burst open and her friend Raul stormed out, his brow furrowed over dark eyes.

“Raul, what now?” Victoria asked, as he marched past her onto the lawn.

“Nothing,” Raul said and kept walking in fierce, quick steps.

“Yeah right.”  She sped after him.

Raul was a few feet taller than Victoria and his long legs made it a difficult task to keep up with him. He finally stopped when they were two blocks away from Cynthia’s house and the fog had them completely surrounded.  Raul’s breath came out in big white puffs as he paced.

“What is it?” Victoria asked again, hoping she could help him with whatever was troubling him.

“Why didn’t you tell me about your new boyfriend?  You didn’t trust me?” Raul asked.

Victoria turned from him, taking a deep breath. “It wasn’t that, I just-” She couldn’t think when Raul glared at her with his brutal Latin eyes as if she had betrayed him in some way.  “I thought you’d make fun of me, of him.”


“Well? Raul, you make fun of everyone who has money and I thought you’d make fun of him and rather than begin to hate you because of it, I didn’t bring it up,” Victoria explained.

“You don’t know me.  You don’t know anything about me!” he yelled, backing up slowly.  “Stay the fuck outta my life, I never wanna see you again!”

Raul was out of sight before Victoria could even grasp what he said. Tears streamed down Victoria’s face, but she didn’t make a sound.  Her heart was beating fast and she couldn’t move.  Slowly, as her breathing began to return to normal, she walked back towards Cynthia’s house and into the elementary school playground that was across the street.

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