SWEET DREAMS GAME: Jan 7th – Jan 18th

For the next week and a half, you get a breather and a chance to catch up on tasks you’ve missed. Make sure your game card is as complete as you can before we launch into the 3rd book, True Love.

Missed some tasks? Or need some extra points? Fill in the missing tasks with these easy Extra Credit tasks:

BONUS POINTS for Extra Tasks: If you’ve already done these extra tasks, you are ahead of the game! Give yourself the points! You don’t have to complete the task again.

+1 extra point: Tell someone who hasn’t heard of Sweet Dreams, how much you enjoy it.
+1 extra point: Click the “like” button on the Sweet Dreams Amazon.com page.
+1 extra point: “like” the Emmy Z. Madrigal Page.
+1 extra point: Join the Sweet Dreams Facebook Group.

PLAY ALONG! Get your Sweet Dreams Game Card Here

Here’s a list of all the tasks you should have completed up to date. If you fell behind, it’s ok. Catch up before the next leg of the journey!

Sweet Dreams Book Runs from Dec 25th – Jan 1st
Dec 25th +1 point Buy a copy of your favorite magazine, maybe you’ll run into your true love.
+1 extra point: If it is in the airport.

Dec. 26th +1 point Pluck or buy a single rose for you or a loved one.
+1 extra point: If it is at a restaurant.

Dec. 27th +1 point Have lunch with a close friend.
+1 extra point: If you have ice cream.

Dec. 28th +1 point Take a brisk walk to feel the cool wind on your skin.
+1 extra point: Ski on this day.

Dec. 29th +1 point Dance to your favorite song.
+1 extra point: Dance with someone. (Avoid fruit punch if you can)

Dec. 30th +1 point Play a game with a friend.
+1 extra point: If you play miniature golf.

Dec. 31st +1 point Go to or have your own New Year’s Eve Party.
+1 extra point: If you are able to kiss someone special.

Jan 1st +1 point Say goodbye to the old year by planning to meet with a friend.
+1 extra point: If you plan to meet in 3 days time.

End of Sweet Dreams

Star Struck Book Runs from Jan 2nd – Jan 6th

Jan 2nd +1 point Tell a friend about your holiday and share at least one intimate detail.
+1 extra point: Go to a movie with family.

Jan 3rd +1 point Watch a friend play a musical instrument.
+1 extra point: Play a musical instrument or sing along. JAM!

Jan 4th +1 point Go out with some friends.
+1 extra point: Eat Chinese food.

Jan 5th +1 point Go window shopping with a friend.
+1 extra point: Buy yourself a dress, accessory, or beauty item.

Jan 6th +1 point Make a meaningful promise to someone that you plan to keep.
+1 extra point: Profess your love to someone.

End of Star Struck


2 Comments to “SWEET DREAMS GAME: Jan 7th – Jan 18th”

    • Whooo hoooo! That’s something! 🙂
      Don’t forget, you can catch up by doing any of the tasks listed on the game by January 27th.
      Results on what Kind of Sweet Dreams Fan you are will be posted January 28th. Don’t forget to send pictures of you completing the tasks to get a chance to win the one-of-a-kind collectors item!

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