PLAY ALONG! Get your Sweet Dreams Game Card Here

Sweet Dreams Game Tasks:

Jan 6th
+1 point Make a meaningful promise to someone that you plan to keep.
+1 extra point: Profess your love to someone.

On January 6th, Derek leaves Cynthia in a hurry to catch his plane.

“Cyn.” Derek gazed at her as if he didn’t want to leave.  “I’m sorry, but I gotta go.  My plane, I’m gonna miss it if I don’t go now.”

She wanted to say something, but kept silent.

“Listen.” He grabbed his R.H.E. jacket and put it around her. “I’m gonna talk to Rob and come see you soon.  Until then, keep this jacket.  It’s kinda like a guarantee I’ll be back.”

She stared at him a bit confused.

He kissed her.  “Thanks Cyn, for everything.”

This brings us to the end of Star Struck. For the next few days, work on extra points and get ready to launch into the 3rd book, True Love.

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