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Sweet Dreams Game Tasks:

Jan 5th
+1 point Go window shopping with a friend.
+1 extra point: Buy yourself a dress, accessory, or beauty item.

On January 5th, Victoria and Cynthia go shopping for party dresses.

The taxi stopped in front of a large store with a glass façade. Victoria paid the driver and the girls entered the store.  They stood right inside the front door of the high priced establishment and gazed awkwardly at the splendor before them.  Lighted cosmetic tables organized flawlessly seemed to stand at attention, waiting for the most supreme shoppers to inspect their wares.  Saleswomen in similar black suits stood assisting several customers.  Those who were waiting to welcome new clientele stared at Victoria and Cynthia as if they were shocked that the girls would even enter the store.

Victoria adjusted her jeans and t-shirt uncomfortably, thinking she might have worn the wrong shoes to go shopping as she realized her tennis shoes were badly scuffed and the shoe strings were partially unraveled.

“You ever feel like you’ve just stepped into a bad movie scene?” Victoria whispered.

“Yeah, which one would this be? Pretty Woman or Invasion of the Body Snatchers?” Cynthia asked.

Victoria couldn’t hold back a sudden burst of laughter that made all those that had not noticed them before, turn in their direction.

A saleswoman in a fancy black lace suit with a long string of pearls and her grayish hair in a braid bun, approached them.  “Is there something I can help you find?”  Her small gray eyes studied Victoria over gold framed glasses.

Pulling out Rob’s credit card,Victoria stumbled over her words. “I um, yeah we need-” Accidentally dropping the Platinum card on the pristine white tile floor, Victoria bent over and picked it up, catching the sight of the saleswoman’s snotty smirk.  Holding up the card as if it were her passport to gain entry into the foreign land of haute couture, she found herself speechless.

Cynthia calmly pushed her friend’s arm down and stared at the snotty saleswoman square in the face, daring her to deny them entry.  “Where are your ball gowns?”

“Fourth floor,” the saleswoman replied, pointing to a row of elevators as if dismissing them.

“Thank you,” Victoria said weakly as Cynthia grabbed her arm and pulled her towards the elevators.

“What’s with you?” Cynthia asked as the elevator doors shut.

“I have no idea!  She made me all nervous with her beady eyes all staring at me as if I was homeless or something.  Maybe I shouldn’t have worn these shoes here?”

“Chill, girl.  I’m surprised you can sing in front of people.”

“That’s singing.  That’s different.”

“Maybe next time you should try singing what you need,” Cynthia joked.

“I don’t want people to think I’m crazy,” Victoria said.

Cynthia laughed.  “Oh yeah, and you were the picture of sanity just now.”

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