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Sweet Dreams Game Tasks:

Jan 4th
+1 point Go out with some friends.
+1 extra point: Eat Chinese food.

On January 4th, Victoria and Cynthia go out to dinner with Rob and Derek.

“We’re going up here for dinner.  Come on,” Victoria said, pointing toward a huge building that resembled a Chinese temple of some kind.

Derek and Cynthia followed Rob and Victoria into the red elevator that led to the restaurant above.  The establishment was beautiful with aquarium-sized fish tanks containing giant multi-colored goldfish and bright coral.  Black chairs and white table clothed tables set off red carpet and walls.  When the host recognized Derek, they were immediately escorted to an elegant table facing a large window overlooking the city.  Two waiters stood guard a few feet away in case the guests needed anything.  Soon after they were seated, the owner showed up at the table, asking for a photo with Derek to post proudly on his celebrity wall.  Derek graciously agreed but asked that the whole party be in the photo.

Cynthia smiled, thinking that if she ever doubted the evening occurred, she could come to the restaurant and find the evidence proudly displayed on the wall between photos of Jack Nicholson and Meg Ryan.


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