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Sweet Dreams Game Tasks:

Jan 3rd
+1 point Watch a friend play a musical instrument.
+1 extra point: Play a musical instrument or sing along. JAM!

On January 3rd, Vicki jams with her friend’s band, Never Open.

 “How bout having a jam session with us.  Isn’t that what you jazzy people say when you sit around making up songs?”  Greg asked sarcastically.

“Something like that.” Victoria laughed.  She faced them; watching as Greg made sure the keyboard was on and Bill adjusted his guitar.  “But Sarah and Raul are gonna be bored listening to me singing.”

“No we aren’t, I’m sick of listening to ‘Never Open’ songs.  Sorry Greg, but it gets old after awhile,” Sarah said.

“It’s alright, Sarah.  Hm, what is that one jazz song I like?  Um it goes like this.” Greg began to pick out a tune on the keyboard.

Victoria listened to find out what it was. “Basin Street.”

“How’s it go?”  Greg asked, glancing at her.


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