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Sweet Dreams Game Tasks:

Jan 2nd brings us into the book Star Struck

Jan 2nd
+1 point Tell a friend about your holiday and share at least one intimate detail.
+1 extra point: Go to a movie with family.

On Jan 2nd, Victoria tells Cynthia all about her trip.

“Start from the time Derek walked in and tell me everything,” Cynthia Porter said as she sat on her twin bed, facing an identical bed where her best friend Victoria Knox sat.

Victoria smiled and took a deep breath. “Alright, Rob and I were standing near the drink table and I was looking around the room at the guests. Suddenly I saw him and I said to Rob-”

“What was he wearing?” Cynthia interrupted, sitting up, her blue eyes alight with excitement.

“Um, a suit. Dark blue with a very jazz-era tie,” Victoria answered.

“Armani?” Cynthia tried to picture the scene. She wondered if she had ever seen her favorite teen idol, Derek Montgomery, wearing the suit in pictures before.

“Probably. I didn’t exactly check out the label.” Victoria giggled.

“Go on.” Cynthia smiled, ignoring her friend’s sarcastic remark.

“I say to Rob, ‘Is that Derek Montgomery from Random Harmonial Explosion?’ and he goes, ‘Yeah, want me to introduce you?’ I guess Rob works with R.H.E. in his advertising job or something and he’s actually friends with Derek,” Victoria said.

“No way.” Cynthia ran her hand over her short, spiky auburn hair, her heart racing as she heard her best friend connect her to Derek by only two degrees of separation. “I wish I coulda been there.”


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