PLAY ALONG! Get your Sweet Dreams Game Card Here

Sweet Dreams Game Tasks:
Dec 30th
+1 point Play a game with a friend.
+1 extra point: If you play miniature golf.

December 30th Rob took Victoria to play mini-golf.

Feeling shy about having someone always foot the bill for her, Victoria blushed. She stepped away, searching in the golf ball bin. She found a green one and picked it out, feeling it knock against the emerald ring Rob had given her. Self-consciously she wondered if he thought she was only interested in him because of his money. The emerald ring glimmered in the light, looking so expensive on her low income hand. Throwing the green ball back into the bin, she took out a pink one.

They were quiet as they took their places at the front of the first course. Rob let Victoria go first and she made it in one shot.

“You didn’t tell me you were a pro at mini-golf,” Rob said.

“I haven’t played since I was like five.”

Rob made his shot and sunk the ball in two swings.

Moving to the next hole, Victoria admired the castle design and smiled to see a golden haired princess doll on the far balcony. Rob made her feel like a princess, plucked from the lowly peasants to live in royal luxury.


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