PLAY ALONG! Get your Sweet Dreams Game Card Here

Sweet Dreams Game Tasks:
Dec 29th
+1 point Dance to your favorite song.
+1 extra point: Dance with someone. (Avoid fruit punch if you can)

December 29th, Rob and Victoria went to the Sons of Ireland Dance. Unfortunately,  they didn’t go with each other.

Unbeknownst to the three chatting on the side of the dance floor, Patrick had returned with the drinks. He stared at Rob, eyeing his hand on Victoria’s waist.

“Excuse me!” Patrick said, pushing between Rob and Victoria. Rob stepped back, catching himself before he tripped over a nearby chair. In the process, Rob’s hand ripped from Victoria’s and she felt Patrick step on her right foot.  Victoria winced in pain.

“Nice subtle entry,” Elizabeth said under her breath.

“Watch out Patrick,” Rob said.

“You watch out Malloy. This is my date, stick to your own.”

“You stepped on my foot, idiot,” Victoria said, edging away from Patrick and towards Rob.

Rob took her hand and gazed into her eyes compassionately. “You okay?”

A scowl prominent on her face, Victoria nodded.

“I didn’t mean to. Here Victoria. I got you punch,” Patrick said as he attempted to hand the drink to Victoria over Rob’s outstretched arm.

Reacting instinctively to his space being violated, Rob jerked his elbow back into Patrick’s ribs. Patrick bent over in pain, but not before one last ditch effort to get Victoria her punch. The cup along with the ice-cold contents smashed into Victoria’s chest, plunging down the front of her dress. Losing his balance, Patrick attempted to grab onto anything to steady himself. His hand grasped at Victoria’s bosom. As soon as Rob saw what was happening, he grabbed the back of Patrick’s collar and threw him away from Victoria.

Victoria took in several quick breaths, her body trying to adjust to the cold temperature of the punch down the front of her dress.


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