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Sweet Dreams Game Tasks:
Dec 28th
+1 point Take a brisk walk to feel the cool wind on your skin.
+1 extra point: Ski on this day.

December 28th Rob went skiing with his family.

By the time he returned to the dining room, Hilary and his parents were nowhere in sight. Relief came over him as he strolled to the front desk.

“May I help you, Robert?” the desk clerk asked.

“Yes, would you please leave a message for my father?” Rob rubbed the back of his neck as he realized it would be nice to get in a few hills before dinner. “Tell him I went skiing and will be back for dinner, say… six-thirty.”

“Of course, we’ll make sure Mr. Malloy gets the message.”

“Thank you.” Rob put on his sunglasses and stepped out into the snow towards the ski shop.

The few hours of skiing Rob got in felt liberating.


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