PLAY ALONG! Get your Sweet Dreams Game Card Here

Sweet Dreams Game Tasks:
Dec 27th
+1 point Have lunch with a close friend.
+1 extra point: If you have ice cream.

December 27th Victoria went to lunch with her old friend, Mark.

Mark was an old family friend and like a brother to her. Her family loved him and she could hear them greeting him as the door downstairs opened. Victoria dressed, then bounded down the stairs to see Mark.

“Tory!” His dark blue eyes twinkled as he called the nickname he alone claimed for her. He had on a blue and white ski sweater and tan chinos. Ever the prep, his sandy brown hair was trimmed close and stylish as if he had come from an Ivy League school brochure photo shoot.

“I can’t believe you’re here!” Victoria hugged him tight.

“You got time to hang out with me for a few hours?”


Victoria was delighted to see Mark. They had spent practically every waking hour together from childhood until she finished freshman year. Before she started tenth grade, Victoria and her mom moved to California. Mark had graduated the same year and since then, the two old friends hadn’t spent but a handful of weekends together. He was still the one Victoria went to for advice and comfort when times were tough.

Mark took Victoria to their favorite ice cream parlor and even though it was cold outside, they finished off a ‘Mega Scoop Surprise’ together.


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