PLAY ALONG! Get your Sweet Dreams Game Card Here

Sweet Dreams Game Tasks:
Dec 26th
+1 point Pluck or buy a single rose for you or a loved one.
+1 extra point: If it is at a restaurant.

December 26th, was the first night Victoria and Rob went out.

As they walked out of the restaurant and towards a theater a few doors down, Victoria smelled the rose, her right hand in Rob’s firm grip.

“I know it’s only one rose. I always thought a guy who got a girl one rose was cheap and lazy. Why not spring for the whole dozen, I say?” Rob asked, pointing out the fact that he may have committed a dating faux pas.

Victoria laughed. “I have to admit, I’ve always thought the same thing. But now, having received one, I can’t think of anything more romantic.” She smelled the red rose again. She purposely avoided his gaze in fear of blushing, but felt his hand squeeze hers affectionately.


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