Upcoming Sweet Dreams Game

The Sweet Dreams Game is coming and I thought I’d give all you Sweet Dreamers an advance look at it. When the full directions are released, you will be provided with a game card that you can download and print.

To play:

1.) Complete tasks relating to events that happened in the first three novels of the Sweet Dreams Series and check off your card for everything you do.

2.) Take pictures of you and/or friends doing the tasks and email pictures to: emzbox13@gmail.com

3.) After January 27th, total up your score and check http://www.sweetdreamsnovel.com to see how you rate as a Sweet Dreams aficionado. Chime in on the post to tell others just how many points you got!

EVERY PLAYER that sends a photo to emzbox13@gmail.com gets a special card from Rob and Victoria, and entered for a chance to win the grand prize.

ONE LUCKY SWEET DREAMER will win a one-of-a-kind Sweet Dreams collectible!

The game officially starts on Rob and Victoria’s anniversary, December 25th.


2 Comments to “Upcoming Sweet Dreams Game”

  1. okay im going to sound stupid for a second, are we supposed to be acting out what happened in the scenes? or are we supposed to just take pictures of us with these items/places?

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