Reader’s Questions Answered Sept. 2013

I always love getting emails or Facebook messages from you Sweet Dreamers! Most of the questions are centered around when the next book or podcast is coming out, but sometimes, I get ones like these:

I have a confession. I’m in love with Rob Malloy. I think about him like some women think about Darcy. Can you help me out? Are there any movie guys who are like Rob? The movie guys all seem to be lacking something, ROB!

Love your cast!

Hehhee… well, Isabel, I think about him like some women think about Darcy too! There’s a reason for that. Rob is a composite of every guy I ever liked when I was in high school, plus a few others things like integrity and just sure perfectness rolled into a man that perhaps has never been copied on film. But, I won’t leave you hanging. Since I wrote these novels in high school, my perception of what Rob would look like is slightly colored by the 80’s. For the perfect image of Rob, 80’s style, you have to watch Can’t Buy Me Love, 1987. Cindy’s boyfriend makes a cameo appearance. “Bobby” played by George Gray was probably the closest you could get back then. Too bad he was only on screen for a few seconds. I also really liked the singer Dino, who had this same do. I still play his 1989 “I Like It” to get in the Rob mood sometimes. There is also a pretty good try in An American in China, played by James Snyder.

Course, these were the days of Michael Bolton and Adam Curry, when shoulder-length blond hair on guys was in. Nowadays, you have to settle for slightly long, straight hair. So for today, a comparable look would probably be “David” or “the heart-throb in the elevator” from Just My Luck.

As far as attitude, or demeanor, I love Darcy in Bride and Prejudice played by Martin Henderson. He has Rob’s style, his presence. If you watch the airport scene when he happens upon Lalita, I think you will agree. I could also see Rob taking Vickie on a helicopter ride and walking on the beach with her.

Some readers have asked me who I think could play Rob today. If I were casting, it would be Austin Butler who plays Wilke in Switched at Birth and Sebastian Kydd in The Carrie Diaries.  As for Victoria, I think Skyler Samuels from Nine Lives of Chole King would be the perfect match-up. If you’d like to storycast these parts, check out the Sweet Dreams storycasting page. I’d love to hear some other suggestions for Rob. Have you seen a movie with a perfect “Rob” double? Let me and Isabel know!

I’m a writer wannabe and have a difficult time writing love scenes. I’m more of a romantic than a sexual person. How do you get over the fear of letting people read your most intimate desires?

Sherry, first of all… you are a writer. NOT a wannabe. If you are writing, you are a writer. Just because you haven’t published something doesn’t mean you are a wannabe. Please read my guest blog over at Sandra Saidak’s blog called Three Ways New Authors Sabotage Themselves. I am only adamant about this because I don’t want you to discount your talent. There are plenty of folks who will do that for you.

Now, on the subject of intimate scenes and letting others read them. It was hard for me at first. In fact, these Sweet Dreams books always seemed a bit like my silly fantasy that no one else would enjoy, but my husband was the one who pushed me to put them out. And it’s a good thing he did, because look at all the people who would have not been able to listen/read had I kept them to myself. However, I do have a couple tips.

  1. Write only what makes you feel comfortable. If you are (as you said) more into the romance and not the sexual description, then write that. There are plenty of romance writers who cater to those who are just like you. Some romance readers would like to leave that part of the bedroom to the imagination, so let it be. Fade to black if you wish. My decision to not go that route was made when I put pen to paper. I’ve been criticized about allowing full sex scenes in my “teen” romance, but the decision I made was to keep them. Why? Because I was writing this, thinking this, fantasizing this, when I was 16 years old. Teen are much more promiscuous today than when I was growing up and so, I decided to let it be. However, it is important to me to show a loving relationship, one that is monogamous, safe, and exclusive for Victoria. That is where I took my stand.
  2. If you do decide to share all of your most intimates of intimates, you are going to have to let it go. It will be hard and nerve-wracking at first. You will blush and hide, and cringe when the first comments from readers come in, but you will live through it. It’s best to get a tough skin now, when you are just showing to friends and workshop people. Just wait till your love scene is picked apart by critics or you are asked to read the most intimate part at a reading! I don’t mean to scare you. Just prepare yourself. Let go. One of the biggest issues with new writers is disconnecting yourself from your tale. Editors don’t decline your story because they think you’re a horrible person. They just didn’t happen to want or need your work. Just like readers don’t picture you doing these “nasty” little sexual things… If you’ve written it right, they imagine the characters or themselves doing them.

Emmy Z.,
I love Sweet Dreams, and I know you are working as fast as your little fingers can to get us the next one. I can’t wait to hear Undecided! I was wondering what your favorite romance movies are? Like the ones you watch over and over.
Derek Montgomery rocks my world.

Christie, Derek would be so honored to hear that you are a fan. He might even sign a CD for you – if you were really nice and didn’t pull off an article of clothing. Hehehe.

So, romance movies – now this is serious business! I would be here all day if I tried to list them all, but I will give you a few in each category.

Pride and Prejudice (of course). I like the BBC with Firth, but I also enjoy a good remake. One of my favorite, little known remakes is a 2003 version starring Kam Heskin and Orlando Seale. Lizzy is a writer and Darcy, the editor. She gets trapped, soaking wet, in his cabin one night. Great modern remake! Bride and Prejudice, the Bollywood answer to P&P is one of my favorite movies of all time as well as Lost in Austen, the one where Amanda Price gets sucked into the novel and flubs everything up!

Northanger Abbey is one of my all time favorite love stories and my favorite Jane Austen novel. I love the modern remake and I also like the cheesy 1987 version starring Peter Firth (no relation to Colin as far as I know). I am writing a modern adaptation of this book because I love it so much.

Couple other period pieces: Emma, Daniel Deronda.

Modern day romances: Return to Me Jersey Girl (not the Affleck one!), The MatchmakerWhile You Were SleepingOnly YouKate & LeopoldFrench KissLetters to Juliet, Music from Another Room, The Holiday, Love Actually, and Simply Irresistible (love lobester? heheh).

Old movies like Sabrina, Funny Face, and An American in Paris cannot be forgotten.

And finally my foreign/indie list: Outsourced, Ladies Vs. Ricky Bahl, My Far Away Bride, Chance Pe Dance, and this new one I just found, Seducing Mr. Perfect – Free on

I hope this keeps you busy for awhile. I know there were tons that I missed, but this is my short list.

If any of you out there have some suggestions please comment below!

Thank you gals for your questions and if you would like to ask me a question, send me an email at:

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