Undecided Update 4.17.12

This post comes from Emz personal writing/project blog at: http://emzunplugged.wordpress.com

Undecided, the 4th book in the Sweet Dreams Series is completed!  I have a few first readers working on it and I hope to start recording the podcast by the end of the summer.

For those of you who don’t know, I moved houses and now am in somewhat of a “dream” house. Since I’ve been moving, I have had hardly any time to write… which, frankly, pisses me the hell off! If I can’t write a few pages… or even a chapter or two a night, I get rather grumpy. And I know you all are waiting on the next installment of… whatever series you follow, so in effect, it pisses you the hell off too!

Well, I’m here to tell you that your grumpiness (and mine) should be short lived. My office is back in some-what working order and I have uncovered the magical box that contains all my current projects. So, soon, everything you love about me and my characters will be back.

To read more about Emz and her current projects, go to: http://emzunplugged.wordpress.com


2 Comments to “Undecided Update 4.17.12”

  1. Awsome!!! Can’t wait to download the 4th one…I love them all so far..

  2. 🙂 YEAH! I am excited cause I just finished the first read-thru edit. I’ll put in the changes and then start marking lines! 🙂 I’m hoping to start recording by fall – Sooner if I can.

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