Sweet Dreams Game News

From the  Sweet Dreams Series Facebook Group wall:

Emerian Rich: Good news! 1st reader enjoying Undecided! 🙂 Game coming soon. It doesn’t start till Dec. 25th, so I don’t want to release all the details until closer, but basically, you will be enacting some of the scenes from the series. No, Collene, I don’t mean bedroom scenes. Hhehee. (Perhaps I should make that extra credit ~wink, wink~) For every activity you complete, you get a point. At the end you get to see what kind of Sweet Dreams listener / reader you are! Also, if you take a picture of you or friends doing the activity and send them to me, you will get a special Holiday Card from Rob and Vicki! One lucky Sweet Dreams player will get the ultimate prize: a one-of-a-kind Sweet Dreams collectible item.


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